GRF Viper talks about changes in the team, making mistakes, and why he stayed in Griffin


Griffin took their second win of the 2020 League of Legends Champions Korea Spring Split against APK Prince on the 14th (KST). It was their second straight win, but the score 2-1 and the games were even closer than the score. Park “Viper” Do-hyeon recorded the first Senna win of the season in the LCK. After the match, he joined Inven Global for an interview and talked about the changes in his team, his change of thought in making mistakes, and why he stayed in Griffin.



After a match like today, I think it would be hard to be just happy.


Right, it’s really fortunate that we won… There’s a long way to go, but positively thinking, there’s a lot that we can improve compared to other teams.

You have the highest kill participation among the bot laners in the LCK. Wouldn’t this mean that you’re still doing well?


I don’t know. More than those stats, the team winning is important. The team winning is the fastest and clearest stat. I believe that’s more important.

During the last season, there was a game where you gave very quick feedback in the comms as if you were rapping. Do you usually give feedback directly like that?


I remember. Although we were relieved at that situation, winning the game was more important so I wanted to stop the chitchat and discuss what we should do next. I don’t usually give feedback like that.


So not that direct?


Before, we used to give feedback altogether… Afterward… Since we need to concentrate on the game and that comes first, we need to concentrate on every moment. I guess that’s why I said that.

You seem tired today.


It was a hard fight… A hard game.

You have a new head coach. The feedback style or atmosphere would have changed. What’s most different?


So many things have changed; almost everything changed. We’re all getting used to it. I think our style of playing the game has changed. We’re not able to show how we changed yet, but I think we can show it soon enough with more practice.

Do you think you’re going in the correct direction?


Whichever direction we go, if all five of us, the coaching staff, and the remaining players have one mind, I think it’s okay.

This might be the first time for you that you don’t have very satisfying results. Isn’t it hard?


Not really. Before and now, I’m always doing my best in each game. It seems that my ability declined a bit, but except for that, everything’s alright.



You've always been very competitive and you still have a strong will to win.


Yes. I want to win even more. The more I play, that desire gets bigger so I end up thinking that I should do better.

Who seems to be the most competitive in your team?


I believe everyone’s the same, but since Ucal expresses it the most, maybe it’s him. Other than Ucal, Irove seems really competitive, but he doesn’t express it much.

How about you?


I think I’m the first. Today, I was overzealous and I made too many mistakes. There’s a lot to fix. (Like the mistake at the tower…) That too, but there were more. I was afraid of making a single mistake before, but now… As a result, that play was a mistake, but I thought sometimes playing aggressively like that is necessary. However, I think I crossed the line too far today.

Is it kind of a new mindset?


If I tried not to make a single mistake before, now I think one or two mistakes are not that bad and it’s good to play more aggressively in certain situations. But since there are too many mistakes… I feel a bit awkward. I just think I should do better.



What changed for you to think that?


In games where we’re trailing, if we just play as usual, the opponent knows how to seal their lead. To turn it around, we need to make plays that they can’t predict, so in those situations, taking risks is necessary. As for today’s mistakes… There were too many ridiculous mistakes.

All players make mistakes, right?


I’ll be remembering them, but I won’t be too tied up.

Who’s has the most positive energy in the team?


Ucal is the most positive.

Griffin players were allowed to be free agents, but you stayed with the team. What made you stay?


There were things that I hadn’t achieved yet, so if I walk away, I thought I would regret it. I could have done better but I wasn’t able to show it.

Lastly, a word to the fans?


We can get better. We’ll do our best so that we can come back in better shape so please cheer for us more.

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