AF All iN: "This season, I'm playing with retirement on the line."


On the 12th (KST), Afreeca Freecs took on APK Prince in the first match of Week 2 in the 2020 LCK Spring split. With a set score of 2-1, Afreeca took down APK and denied them their first victory of the season. Kim “All iN'' Tae-yang (previously known as SSUN) was subbed in for game 3, and with the global threat on Pantheon, he played a big part in leading Afreeca into victory.


After Afreeca’s victory, All iN joined the Press Room to talk about the victory.


Thoughts on the victory?


We thought we’d easily win against APK, but we struggled more than we should have.

It’s been awhile since you took stage. Were you nervous at all?


I’ve recently played a lot of scrims, so I wasn’t nervous.

Fly was usually the starting mid laner. What are your thoughts on Fly?


I didn’t think he was that good last season. I believe that he just didn’t fit Gen.G’s playstyle last season. I think that he’s playing better because he fits our team’s playstyle.

You’re competing against him for the starting spot. How do you compare your playstyle to his?


He has a very stable playstyle. I like to play aggressive early game champions and pressure the enemy from the beginning. There’s a lot of aggressive champions left that I can still play. Although I picked Pantheon because he was a situationally good pick, I won’t hesitate to play other champions.

Is there a reason why you changed your nickname from SSUN to All iN?


I played terribly last season, so I decided that I needed a change. I’m pretty old as well, so this season, I’m playing with retirement on the line.

With Morgana-Pyke bot lane and top Soraka, APK pulled out a very eccentric team composition in game 2. Can you tell us how the team felt playing against such a composition?


APK pulled out a very eccentric team composition in game 2, and since we didn’t expect them to pull out such a comp, we lost. I believed that we shouldn’t give them any room to breathe right from the beginning. Dread also likes to be very aggressive early, and before the match, we talked about how we should snowball the game early.

What is your goal this year?


I want to win the Spring split, no matter what it takes. I want to perform well so that in the Summer, I want to bench Fly and become the starting mid laner for the team.

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