HLE CuVee: "We’re a team that’s very wild and crazy, but I don’t think we showed all of that tonight."


On the 7th (KST), Hanwha Life Esports took on T1 in match 5 of the 2020 LCK Spring. With a set score of 2-1, HLE took down T1 to take the victory. With a surprising entry of their sub support, Oh “Vsta” Hyo-seong, as a bot laner for all 3 games, and a trending pick in solo queue, top Soraka, being picked up by HLE in game 3, they proved to be versatile not only in draft, but in execution as well.


After HLE’s victory, the top laner for HLE, Lee “CuVee'' Sung-jin joined the Press Room for an interview.



Congratulations on your victory. How do you feel about the victory? 


I feel good about it. I feel the first set went well, but the 2nd and the 3rd game didn’t go as well as I wanted to, but I’m glad that we still won..



It seems that in the past, you played a role where you withstood a lot of things, but now, you have more influence within the team.


First, I learned how to enjoy the game. There are certain things that the coaching staff asked me to do, and things turned out the way they did when I learned to adjust my playstyle. When I first joined HLE, things were actually pretty hard, because the things they wanted me to do was vastly different. However, the more I prepared for this Spring split, things got a lot better.



Thoughts on Top Soraka?


At first, I didn’t think top Soraka was any good, but after watching G2 Wunder play her, my assessment on the champion changed.



How do you rate your team’s performance tonight?


I feel that we only played at about 50% of our usual selves. We’re a team that’s very wild and crazy, but I don’t think we showed all of that tonight.

In the 2nd game, it felt like the team was trying to be creative with your macro and seemed to mimic G2 Esports’ playstyle. Although it didn’t work out, the double teleport was notable to watch.


There were no problems in our picks, but we should’ve been more assertive with our side lane macro. We knew that we were in trouble when two of us teleported and T1 rushed into mid lane.



What are your goals and expectations for 2020? How much potential do you think HLE has?


I feel that we have limitless potential. Our goal is to definitely win, but my personal goal this year was to enjoy myself with this team. This year, I hope to enjoy my time with my team.



Any final words you’d like to say to your fans?


We’ll make sure to continue to entertain all of you watching, so please continue to support us.

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