SB Summit: "I'd like to win the season MVP."


On the 6th (KST), SANDBOX Gaming demolished APK Prince 2-0 in the 2020 League of Legends Champions Korea Spring Split match. SANDBOX never gave up the lead in both games and didn’t give up a single objective. Park “Summit” Woo-tae had a great performance in today’s match and he joined the media room for an interview after the match.



How do you feel about today’s win?


We didn’t know at all about APK Prince since they’re a new team, so I was quite nervous. We only prepared what we can do well. Despite that, we were able to win. I’m happy that we have a good start.

Ikksu is known for his unconventional picks.


I was still nervous. I prepared counters to unconventional picks, but I feel a bit empty because he didn’t play any.

SANDBOX Gaming seems to get better and better. What’s the secret? OnFleek said that the practice schedule is extremely tight.


Considering the practice time alone, we spend so much more time compared to last year. We don’t have much break time. The schedule is very tight.

You signed a multi-year contract prior to this season. It wouldn’t have been an easy decision.


I talked a lot with the team and the big picture the team was drawing corresponded well with my thoughts. Their offer was quite satisfying as well.



The team’s bot lane was the biggest change during the offseason. What would you like to have changed compared to last year as a team?


Last year, we did well early in the season but fell later in the season. I’ll do my best so that we can do well both early and late. Although we lacked consistency late in the season, but we’ll try to do well this year. Even if it means that we don’t do as well in the early season.

What’s your goal for this year?


The team’s goal is reaching the World Championship. My personal goal would be… Getting a lot of MVP points. I'd like to win the season MVP. Even so, I won't play selfishly in the game.

Yesterday, all six games were very long. It seems that it’s a late-game meta. However, you managed to end both games quite early. What was the reason?


If fights seem even, teams tend to evade the fight so it goes on for long. As for SANDBOX Gaming, we try to make a difference even if our chance of winning is a bit over 50% and go for it. There’s a lot that can go different by making something happen. I think we were able to end early because of that.

Any last comments?


Watch out for the coronavirus and please cheer for us through the broadcast. Thank you.



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