SB OnFleek on the upcoming patch: "I’m very happy that they’re increasing the jungle experience."


Day 2 of the 2020 League of Legends Champions Korea Spring Split started off with the match between SANDBOX Gaming and APK Prince. It was the first LCK match for APK Prince and they received a merciless welcome from SANDBOX. From the start, SANDBOX Gaming didn’t allow a lead until the end and took the 2-0 victory. SANDBOX jungler Kim “OnFleek” Jang-kyeom was voted as the MVP in both games and was interviewed after the match.



It’s been a while. Would you like to say hello to the fans?


It was our first match this season. I feel that we did pretty well, so I feel really good.

Since you were playing against Flawless, many people predicted that Lee Sin would be a hot pick. Even yesterday, Lee Sin appeared in all 6 games, yet you didn’t pick him.


Lee Sin is very good in this meta, but I personally thought Rek’Sai is a definite counter. If Rek’Sai is still available in the draft, it’s hard to pick Lee Sin, so I didn’t pick him. Also, Lee Sin can be countered with the team comp, so I didn’t think much of him.

You seemed to be watching the opponent jungler’s paths the whole game.


When I counter-ganked mid, Dove called for support because he didn’t have Flash. I also thought mid lane was the only place the opponent jungler can go at that time.

You were the unanimous MVP in Game 2. What happened after the KeSPA Cup?


I think my team’s schedule is very tight. We dedicated a lot of time to practice and I believe that helped a lot.

There were many top ganks today. Did Summit call for you often?


Summit made calls, and as for me, there often were situations where we would benefit if I went to the top lane. It may have seemed like we were trying to delete Ikksu, but I can say that the situation was just like that.



You’ve been calling out for a roll-back patch in the jungle. Are you satisfied with the 10.3 patch?


I’m very happy that they’re increasing the jungle experience.



Now, will you stop sneaking experience from lanes?


That won’t change… (Laughs) When I play, sometimes I lack just a little bit of experience for a level up. If I sneak experience from a lane at that time, it’s very convenient. I’ll keep doing so.

What’s your goal for the season?


All players dream of playing on the finals stage. This time, we won’t stop at the postseason and reach the finals.

What do you think the possibility of SANDBOX winning the championship is?


I’ll say 50%. It’s either yes or no. I believe the possibility will get higher as we go on.

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