[Cartoon] LPL and LCK terrorized of the ‘Wuhan Pneumonia’, the Coronavirus.


Today’s cartoon is about how the Coronavirus, aka the Wuhan pneumonia, is affecting the LPL and LCK.


The terror of the Coronavirus has spread deep into the LoL esports scene. On Jan. 26th, the LPL has indefinitely suspended all their matches to ensure the safety of the players and the fans, and the decision has received much attention worldwide. As the virus continues to actively spread, the concern over it has creeped into the neighboring League, LCK.


As it’s the case with other traditional sports, the LCK garners hundreds of spectators for their games. However, the size of the stadium is much smaller in comparison to traditional sports, so not only are the spectators closely seated, many fans from not just China, but from many parts of the world gather around to watch the matches. Because of such, the virus is prone to spread. Therefore, many are keen to know what kind of measures Riot Korea will take to ensure the safety of all those spectators.


Various communities are also theorycrafting possible solutions to this problems as well. Some are saying to further delay the start of the LCK to properly ensure safety, and others are saying to the matches should be dark matches (streamed, but without spectators). And soon, Riot Korea announced that the 2020 LCK Spring Split will start without audiences. This decision appears to be a consideration of both safety and the upcoming schedule.


How long will the fear and the negative impact on the League continue? This virus can’t continue to be a problem that’s not only focused in the LCK and the LPL, but as a potential problem that can lead into the international tournaments such as MSI. As health and safety comes above all else, I wish the best in a successful season of LCK. To all our readers at home, please take care.

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