INTZ releases statement regarding former RED Canids player Lep's inappropriate comments targeting their 17-year old player Mayumi


INTZ has released a statement regarding Pedro “Lep” Marcari, former RED Canids Kalunga League of Legends player’s inappropriate comments regarding the team’s Júlia “Mayumi” Nakamura, who is only 17 years old. Twitch has not yet commented on the case. 


The incident occurred during a broadcast of Lep’s analysis of CBLoL’s opening weekend matches, in which he read one of his followers comments that stated “Wasn’t it your idea to have the guys rubbing their balls after shaking Mayumi’s hand at Superliga?”. The player laughed, saying “After? I should at least do it beforehand, right?".




Mayumi has come forward on Twitter to call out Lep’s behavior, further stating she would take this case to court. The tweet translates to “I wonder what goes on in a 25 year old man’s head that tells others to ‘rub their balls’ before shaking a 17 year old girls’ hand?”. Lep followed with a statement apologizing for the comments, saying he should have not taken part in the “joke”.


On Monday, INTZ issued a statement regarding the happening that involved their underage player:


“Through this letter, INTZ manifests its disgust towards the comments made by Pedro Marcari regarding our professional athlete and streamer Júlia Mayumi on 01/25/2020.




The content broadcasted on Twitch.TV was defamatory and injurious, overtaking limits. This context causes shock, disgust and lament, to say the least, the fact that a professional electronic sports player would have such abhorrent conduct, truly provoking damages in the most intimate forum of the victim and her family, without loss of criminal practice.


We understand that such act is unacceptable not only in the electronic sports and entertainment world, but in society as a whole. These acts contaminate the social environment and influence young people to endorse these acts, creating new episodes of intolerance.


Given the facts, INTZ hopes that this case will be quickly resolved, and that the consequences will be taken by the competent authorities. Acts like these reinforce the need, not only for our club, but for the whole society to continue the fight against discrimination, prejudice and offenses of any nature and, especially, against women.”





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