Riot Korea prepared to take any measures for the 2020 LCK Spring Split if coronavirus gets worse

The coronavirus is currently a big issue around the world. Due to the breakout of coronavirus, the LPL has been delayed until further notice. Korea isn’t an exception from the virus; a total of four people have been confirmed of definite diagnosis up to now (28th, KST).


Riot Korea was well aware of the seriousness as well. An official said: “We’re carefully monitoring the current situation and are considering measures so that the tournament can be held safely. In case of any changes, we will notify immediately.”


The official asserted that up to now, it wouldn’t affect the start of the spring split (Feb. 5th), but if the situation gets worse, they could take any measure to resolve it. Also, if the league is held as scheduled, they will prepare ways to keep the tournament safe.

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    level 1 SonnyHD1080p

    Coronavirus can spread for years before they find the cure or  make it extinct. Just cause it is same type as SARS doesn't mean it is as easy to destroy. Riot should find an economical yet effective way to relocate all teams to other countries after health check on Riot's expense. Either that or tournament will be held online which could potentially make underdogs and play-ins team chat in some way... I mean they clearly don't understand how fast it can spread and endanger lives of pro players. Even though Europe takes #1 place in talent making & game overall in my opinion #2  shouldn't fall short. I mean I want this coronavirus to be solved before then later but if they don't relocate players there is no way to safely play spring split. This can go on for months. It could ruin whole korean qualifiers for mid season invitational and worlds. I don't want this to happen and say "I told you." but I am stating what could happen and that "COULD" must be brought to o%...

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