GG Goldenglue & GG Keith issue a challenge to their former teammate, C9 Blaber


Golden Guardians Mid Laner Greyson "Goldenglue"Gilmer and Support Yuri "Keith" Jew joined Inven Global's Parkes Ousley to discuss re-uniting on a new organization, the unique forms of pressure on both players, and had some words their former jungler, Cloud9's Robert "Blaber" Huang.






Hey there everybody, Parkes Ousley from Inven Global joined by Goldenglue and Keith. I know it's a bummer to start the season off with a loss, but your next matchup is against your former team, Cloud9. What's it been like to remain teammates despite moving to Golden Guardians under entirely separate circumstances?


Keith: It's really nice to be able to play with Greyson again. I think we know how each other plays really well, and even though I'm in the support role now, I think we mesh well together. I'm really excited to play with him for another year.


Goldenglue: I think it's easier to work with players when you've played with them for a while. It's easier to know how to criticize and work with people to help them improve, and vice-versa. I'm super pumped to play against C9. I've been wanting to play against them since I swapped to Golden Guardians.



Cloud9 beat Team Liquid in its first game of the LCS today. What are your expectations for your match against C9?


Goldenglue: I think that it we can play our early and mid game like we did today, and then clean our late game up so it's better than it was today and try to adapt better, I think it's definitely going to be a win. Cloud9 is a good f*****g team, so I'm really f*****g pumped to play.


Keith: I'm excited to play against my old teammates. I think it will be really fun, and I definitely hope to win. 



Do you have anything to say to Blaber or a-


Goldenglue: I'm coming for you, Blaber. I'm coming for your scuttle crabs


Keith: I guess there is a potential ego battle between Support and Jungle, but since I switched to Support, I don't have an ego against anyone anymore. It's a pretty relaxing role, so I'm just focusing on playing with my team...I definitely want to beat Blaber, though.




Golden Guardians is being evaluated as one of the bottom LCS teams, but right now it seems like any of these teams could make playoffs. What is special about GG that's going to put you over some of these other teams trying to qualify for playoffs?


Keith: It's hard to say, especially in the beginning of the split. I think every team will look sloppy, so in a sense, we are all playoff teams because no one is playing clean. We're all really hungry to prove ourselves; everything's we are going to be 10th place, but no oen on the team thinks that.


We're all really honest with each other, and when we see something wrong within the team, we're going to say something about it. We're not going to bottle anything up, we just want to solve the problems as soon as possible.


Goldenglue: I would say that we have a really good practice structure that helps us work out our weaknesses. Because we have such a solid structure all the way through regarding operations, even in Draft Phase, it's really easy to improve and identify problems. 



Goldenglue, you're now the only NA mid with a starting spot in the LCS and everyone's talking about it, but for a second here, Pobelter almost returned to the LCS stage as a Jungler for Team Liquid due to Broxah's visa issues. What has it been like for you to be the last domestic Mid Laner standing?

Goldenglue: I think it's a cool thing to say, and there are definitely more eyes on me now so there is pressure to perform, but it's cool that I get to represent all of North America.



Keith, what are your expectations for yourself this year after roleswapping?

Keith: I would say I've been transitioning pretty well, even though we lost today. It's hard to shine on a champion like Braum, but honestly, it's been a really smooth process. I've been working on playing with FBI and Closer, and developing my synergy with the rest of the team has been a really good experience so far. I hope to keep improving upon that. 



Last question: is GG Goldenglue & GG Keith the Swole Bros 2.0?


Goldenglue: For sure. We're both buffer than Dennis "Svenskeren" Johnsen, so...




Keith: *laughs*


Goldenglue: I don't know, I'm not going to take the name the Swole Bros from him, since that was us...but Svenskeren is just not as swole as us anymore. He hasn't kept up.


Keith:  That's right.



Is there anything you want to say to your new GG fans or your old C9 fans before you play against your former team?


Goldenglue: I appreciate everyone who's shown support for us. I feel like there's been a surprisign amount of support for me as the sole NA Mid Laner, and a lot of people are saying they are rooting for me even though they like Cloud9, which is really nice. Shout out to all my former teammates; I hope they all do well...eept when they play against me.


Keith: I'd have to agree on that. For the GG fans, I know everyone expects us to finish low in the LCS standings, but I think we showed some of what we can do today, and I think we will be a strong team. 


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