[Cartoon] Roles? Mix, Swirl, Mix! The icons of irregularity, G2 and Perkz


Today’s cartoon is about G2 Esports’ Perkz, who changed roles back to mid, and about the LEC.


There was an announcement that initially tilted your head in confusion, but made you eventually nod in agreement. The bot laner and the poster boy of G2, Perkz, returned to his original role, the mid lane of the Summoner’s Rift. This is the second time that he switched roles, yet because it happened in the LEC, it would make most heads nod in agreement.


There were many instances where a veteran player changes roles in replacement of another underperforming player, but this isn’t the case for Perkz. Not only was G2’s original mid laner for 2019, Caps, was performing exceptionally well, Perkz was also playing well as a bot laner. In fact, his experience as a mid laner paid off in the bot lane, as non marksman champions creeped into the bot lane meta. Now, G2 fans are excited to see how Perkz, after a year of experience in the bot lane, will perform back on his original role, and how Caps will show off his talent in the bot lane.


From eccentric picks to capricious role swaps, and just as how the LEC are the founding region of the traditional roles on Summoner’s Rift, G2 looks to continue Europe’s tradition of innovation. Since that innovation is never in the intention of trolling, for fans of different regions that are thirsty for creativity, it can be subject to envy.


G2’s a team that makes you rethink about the formulas for victory. Whether this change may prove to be an utter failure, or to be a drastic, but an excellent change that elevates the team many steps further, only results will tell. This is the reason why the start of the LEC, which is just days away, and international tournaments in the near future are met with much excitement.

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