SB GorillA: "Leo is more consistent than Route. Probably because of what he saw and learned while he was in T1."


GorillA was the perfect captain for SANDBOX Gaming. At the 2020 LCK Spring Split profile photoshoot, we were able to talk to SANDBOX Gaming’s captain and support, Kang “GorillA” Beom-hyeon.

“The progress during practice within the team is alright. It feels that everything is going well,” said GorillA. It seemed that he still needed a bit more time to adapt as he told that the schedule of a Korean team was a bit still awkward. He mentioned that despite being accustomed to the Korean lifestyle, the whole year he spent abroad wasn’t short.


GorillA also shared his thoughts about the two bottom carry teammates he had. “The two players don’t differ from each other much. They both have the ability to carry. The biggest difference would be that Leo is more consistent than Route. Probably because of what he saw and learned while he was in T1.”


“They need more time, but both of them have the capability to become a top-tier bottom carry. Although Route lacks consistency, if he learns, he’ll be able to become an excellent player. I believe that greedy players have big potentials. Both players are very greedy,” explained GorillA.


As the captain of the team, GorillA was trying to help the newer players, “Although Route doesn’t express himself much, he’s a very competitive person. Since he’s rather introverted and new, I’m trying to help him in several areas like how to express himself about his thoughts.”



“I’m back in the LCK after one year in Europe. Looking back, I’ve had a pretty long career already. There aren’t that many players remaining that I had played with. I’d like to show the power of a veteran. I want to hear people say, ‘he still has it’,” said GorillA.


He was still confident as before, “I felt that Riot was trying to give supporters more power over the game from before, and the current meta is really like that. Many different picks are viable at the support position like Taliyah or Heimerdinger. Champions that can take initiative are preferred. It’s not easy to keep up with the meta, but I’m doing my best to do so.”


Lastly, GorillA shared his goals. “Obviously, our team goal is to win the championship. As a new player in the team, my personal goal is to get better results than last year. Getting to the finals or ultimately, making it to Worlds.”

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