SKT Head Coach says future streams will have players directly interact with viewers

▲ Image Credit: Twitch


Despite breaking the Twitch viewership record on February 6th (KST), Faker’s stream was riddled with issues that undermined the viewing experience.

First off, Kongdoo Company, which partnered with SKT for the endeavor, rebroadcasted the original streams they received from SKT, causing heavy stream delays. They also had a live interpreter who created an additional barrier between the streamer and the viewers by interacting on behalf of the players. The viewers who were hoping to interact with players in their regular environment and see their natural behavior were deeply disappointed by previous streams.

The day following the stream (February 7th), Head Coach Byunghoon “cCarter” Choi said on Jaewan “Wolf” Lee’s stream that in reference to future broadcasts, “there will not be simultaneous streaming on multiple platforms or a live interpreter representing players.”

cCarter also said that, “we will go after those who upload unauthorized recordings of players’ streams to YouTube and those who rebroadcast on other platforms without permission.”  He added that Faker is doing well and urged communities to stop the unsubstantiated criticisms of players.

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