[Interview] Fnatic Selfmade: "I'll do my best to satisfy everyone who is #AlwaysFnatic"

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Europe is a region that has always nurtured incredible players. From two-time Worlds finalists like Caps, to the king of the bot lane, FORG1VEN, some may claim that the talent pool of the West is all in the LEC.


Oskar "Selfmade" Boderek is an up and coming young prospect in the LEC. While he was on SK Gaming in 2019, he received seven Player of the Game awards during the Spring split. What’s notable about this achievement is that not only did he receive this award more than any other player during the split, the team only won nine matches during their regular season.


With Mads “Broxah” Brock-Pederson leaving Fnatic to join Team Liquid for the upcoming 2020 season, Selfmade looks to fill his shoes to dethrone G2 and not only become the top dogs of the LEC, but also the world. Inven Global had a chance to catch up with the young prospect to hear about his goals in 2020.



Hello! Can you introduce yourself to the public?

Hello. My name is Oskar "Selfmade" Boderek and I'm a new jungler for FNC. I'm 20 years old and I come from Poland.



What part of Fnatic convinced you to join the team?

I joined Fnatic because my goal is to become the best in the world and I believe FNC is the place to achieve it. Also, I wanted to play again with my former teammate Nemesis.



You’re considered one of the best upcoming junglers in the LEC, if not the world. What do you think your strengths are that gives you an edge over the other LEC junglers?


What gives me the edge over other LEC junglers is for sure very deep champion pool and understanding of lanes matchups. Also, I think I'm a pretty funny person so I for sure bring a good atmosphere to my new team which makes everyone perform better.



Which team/jungler are you most excited to play against in the LEC and why?


I don't care who do I face. To become the best you have to beat everyone.



Are there any junglers around the world that you look up to? How come?

No, I don't look up to anyone. I sometimes check runes of other players and that's pretty much it. I used to like Mlxg but I never tried to follow what he did.



How do you feel about the pressure of filling in for Broxah? Does it affect you positively or negatively?


There is some pressure but I don't think it affects me in any way. I'll just do what I'm good at and look for better results than FNC had with Broxah.




You were teammates with Nemesis back on MAD Lions in 2017-2018. How does it feel to play with him again?

I'm excited to play again with him. It feels exactly the same as it was in Mad Lions.



What are some differences in training and playing with Nemesis on Fnatic as to MAD Lions?


Obviously level of practice and coaching is much higher in LEC than LVP. I don't see any difference playing with Nemesis then and now. For sure he became a better player, but he is still the same Nemy.



What are your thoughts on the Season 10 jungle changes?

I think jungle in season 10 is in a good state and I'm enjoying it so far.



Can you share some tips in climbing the solo queue ladder in S10?

If you wanna climb as a jungler, you need to gank as much as possible and try to get fed yourself.



What are your 3 favorite champions to play, and which champions do you think will be meta in the jungle in S10?

My three favorite champions of all time are Khazix, Taliyah, and Evelynn. I think there is no "meta" in the jungle since you can play anything you want.



As the newest member of Fnatic, what are your goals for 2020?


Become the best team in the world and win everything.



Lastly, is there anything you’d like to say to your family/teammates/fans/sponsors?


As always, thanks for cheering for me and my new team in every single moment and I'll do my best to satisfy everyone who is #alwaysfnatic.


Photo credit: Fnatic

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