Legends of Runeterra card changes accidentally revealed ahead of Open Beta


One week ago, when Riot Games' teaser week for content-to-come in 2020 was still in full swing. The Legends of Runeterra developers then shared some exciting news for their upcoming card game: Open Beta is launching on January 24th, or on the 23rd for everybody who pre-registers before January 19th, 11:59 PM PT. Aside from friends lists and other new cosmetics, Riot said the Open Beta would introduce changes to over twenty cards in the game.


Those card changes were planned to be revealed on January 22nd, but someone has spoiled a large part of those plans. Spanish streamer Revenant, who apparently had access to an exlusive closed beta environment, uploaded a video on his YouTube channel revealing many of the card changes coming to Legends of Runeterra's Open Beta. In a 32-minute long video Revenant talks about the game, clicks through the various new menu options, and plays a couple of games. But most importantly: he scrolls through his card collection, revealing tweaked numbers and card texts.


Although the YouTube video was taken down swiftly, Inven Global managed to get a copy of it. Below you can see a short excerpt of the video, in which all the changes are shown.




Known card changes


As can be expected, the YouTube video spread among Legends of Runeterra fans while it was still up. With the help of Spanish-speaking fans the card texts were translated, revealing card changes beyond a simple, visible number adjustment. In total, eighteen card changes were revealed:


  • Anivia: Can now block incoming attacks. Now levels up when Enlightened. Costs 7 mana (up from 6). -2 Attack, +1 HP;
  • Avarosan Hearthguard: -1 HP;
  • Back Alley Barkeep: +1 Attack;
  • Boomcrew Rookie: +1 Attack;
  • Catalyst of Aeons: Costs 1 mana more;
  • Chempunk Pickpocket: +1 Attack;
  • Chempunk Shredder: +1 Attack;
  • Cloud Drinker: Removed the "Enlightened" effect, -2 HP;
  • Ezreal: Mystic Shots created by Level 2 Ezreal cost 2 mana (up from 0), but no longer have Fleeting;
  • Flame Chompers: +1 HP;
  • Fleetfeather Tracker: Now reads: "When you summon an allied unit, give me Challenger.";
  • Parade Electrorig: -1 Attack, +1 HP;
  • Plaza Guardian: +1 Attack, +1 HP;
  • Sumpsnipe Scavenger: +1 HP;
  • The Rekindler: -1 Attack, -1 HP;
  • Used Cask Salesman: +1 Attack;
  • Wraithcaller: Now also has Fearsome, +1 Attack;
  • Wyrding Stones: -1 HP.


The changes are tentative, of course, as it may very well be that Riot decides to push other changes to the Open Beta in a patch that's not available to the closed beta testers yet. It's quite a likely scenario, since Riot said in their announcement last week that over twenty cards would see changes, and only eighteen have been revealed by this accident.

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