Three fun decks to try as soon as possible in Legends of Runeterra

▲ Captain Teemo, on duty. Card images via Riot Games.


The Legends of Runeterra Open Beta is just days away. If you pre-registered in time, Riot’s card game is available to you on the 23rd, at 10 AM PT. Tons of new players are trying it out at the same time, getting their hands on a new digital card game, or even playing the genre for the very first time in their lives.


Naturally, you will build your own deck, trying to brew a recipe with synergies you think will work out. But in case you want to try something else, or if you want to beat your opponents with decks that have proven to work, we’ve got you covered. Below are three decks that performed well during the earlier Preview Patches of Legends of Runeterra. If you want to import them to your Legends of Runeterra client, simply copy the code and paste it under the “import deck” function in the game. More about that can be learned in our deck building guide.


Keep in mind: Riot is announcing some card changes for the Open Beta, and will continue to do so during the Open Beta, so adjust the decks accordingly!


Hitting hard and fast





If you come from a Hearthstone background, you may be familiar with the phrase "face is the place." It stems from the idea that, when in doubt, you direct all damage available to the enemy, ignoring the units they have on board. While in Legends of Runeterra the combat system doesn't allow this type of approach as easily, there definitely is room for aggressive strategies in the game.


Former Hearthstone pro and streamer David "dog" Caero crafted a Noxus/Ionia deck that aims to end the game swiftly and dominantly. All three champions included in the list are cheap and have effects that suit the aggressive nature. Zed and Draven, in particular, try to go straight for the enemy Nexus as much as possible. Zed does so by creating a Shadow Clone: a summoned unit attacking the enemy, though the clone disappears at the end of the round.



Draven, as fits his personality, tries to make the show more about him. The Spinning Axes he creates either upon play or when he attacks are a simple burst spell that give a +1 attack bonus to their target. You must discard a card in order to play the Spinning Axes though, so if you decide to go all-in on Draven, prepare to have limited resources for the remainder of the game.


*Note: This list differs one card from dog's original list. Arachnoid Sentry was included to replace a nerfed Spider Sentry.


The Fiora show





The general idea to win in Legends of Runeterra is simple: bring the opponent’s HP down to zero. Almost all cards in Legends of Runeterra support that win condition, but there is one notable exception: Fiora. She has her own win condition. If a single copy of Fiora has killed four enemies in total, the enemy Nexus explodes.


Streamer Jeremy "DisguisedToast" Wang set out on a mission to make a deck that works with it. The other champion in the deck, Shen, is the best protective unit in the game, and can grant Fiora with Barriers, ensuring she survives for rounds on end while chipping away at enemies and killing them. With cards like Riposte Fiora can be buffed to take out larger opponents.


▲ Fiora level 1 and Fiora level 2.


Cards with Challenger, and large board clears like Judgment all serve a simple purpose: set up the ideal board state for Fiora. The fencing menace has a tricky win condition behind her, but if it works, it’s a euphoric sensation.


Teemo’s Mushroom Paradise





This deck, created by multi-title esports pro (Hearthstone, Overwatch) George "Hyped" Maganzini, will make your opponent reflect on their decision to install Legends of Runeterra. The star of the deck is Teemo, the 1-cost champion from Piltover & Zaun. Every time Teemo attacks, he shuffles five Poison Puffcaps into the opponent’s deck. Each of the Puffcaps sticks to a card in the opponent’s deck, at random. When said card is drawn, the opponent’s Nexus is dealt damage to equal to the amount of Poison Puffcaps were stuck to the drawn card.


Almost equally as important, however, is Kinkou Wayfinder. The 4-cost card with just 2/3 as stats isn’t impressive, but its goal is not to fight directly. Instead, it cheats out two Teemos at the same time. Normally when you have a champion on the board, the other ones, that are in your hand, turn into the champion’s Champion Spell. You can’t play two of the same champions on board. But you can summon them, and Kinkou Wayfinder does so. With Allegiance and almost exclusively Ionian cards, it’ll always summon two Teemos—provided you haven’t drawn all copies of the furball yet.



With two Teemos on board, the amount of Poison Puffcaps in the opponent’s deck rises swiftly. And when you have planted just 15 of them, both your Teemos level up, and that’s when the nukes start dropping. Everytime Teemo strikes the enemy Nexus, the amount of Puffcaps in the enemy’s deck is doubled. Before you know it, the enemy has literally hundreds of them in their deck. Each card they draw can kill them easily, and you’re just sitting there, laughing maniacally.



Want to learn more about Legends of Runeterra? Head over to our guide page!


Deck images via Mobalytics

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