Former MVP head coach Choi reveals payment delays within the organization across multiple games


Team MVP’s delay in payment was revealed.


On the 17th (KST), former head coach of Team MVP’s Apex Legends team, Choi Seok-won, revealed their problems with delayed payment on Team MVP’s official Facebook account. He mentioned that there were delays in their Apex Legends, League of Legends, PUBG, Honor of Kings, and CS:GO teams.


Choi said that, “I’d like to tell you why we disbanded the team. Ever since I became the Overwatch team head coach in November of 2018 up till now, players, coaching staff, housekeeping, etc. weren’t paid properly on promised dates. Fortunately, the Apex Legends team players and coaching staff don’t currently have any unpaid wages, but there were difficult situations where the wages didn’t come on promised dates on multiple occasions.”


“The other teams that disbanded - League of Legends, PUBG, and Honor of Kings - and the CS:GO team, which is still active, also have quite a lot of delayed wages as well as prize money,” continued Choi, adding that some teams’ head coaches delivered the wages with their own money.


Choi mentioned that the delay affected the players’ performances and the living environment directly. “Because of the stress, the players’ morale eventually declined, and that affected the competitions. The housekeepers (chefs) quit due to the delay and players weren’t able to eat properly.”


Choi revealed these delays because of the behavior of the MVP board members. “I decided to reveal this because I’m convinced that the board doesn’t have the will to resolve this situation. The League of Legends, Honor of Kings, PUBG, and some of the former CS:GO team members are preparing a lawsuit.”

▲ Original Facebook post by Choi

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