Eternals are coming to League of Legends early this year, with major changes after community feedback


In August 2019, Riot Games revealed a new feature they were workingon for League of Legends: Eternals. It introduces champion-specific quests to complete for a player, with unique cosmetics as a reward, and detailed stat-tracking for the champions you love most. It's another way to personalize the League experience, and another way to flex on your opponents.


However, the Eternals were met with quite some criticism. Not because of the concept, but the way they would be accessible: by paying, starting at around seven dollars.


Today Riot announced that the Eternals will arrive early 2020, but they've made changes to the system, listening to the community. Eternals will not be exclusively obtainable by spending Riot Points—the starter series will be available to those willing to spend blue essence too. In the future, Riot plans to add Eternals that can be earned via ranked splits as well.


The Eternals themselves have been tweaked as well. They'll track more complex stats as you level them up, all tied to the champion of your choosing. If you don't feel like interacting with it, you can mute an Eternal as well, simply by toggling it.



Image via Riot Games.

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