Lucian, Yorick, Sivir all nerfed in Teamfight Tactics' 10.1B patch

▲ Yorick and his army of ghouls are being nerfed. Image source: Riot Games


One week before Riot Games was slated to release their 10.2 patch to Teamfight Tactics, Stephen Mortimer, the auto chess game's Lead Designer, posted a Youtube video on his channel announcing a B-side patch was going live on Wednesday afternoon.


Typically reserved for "emergency" changes if the team feels certain champions or items are a bit over-tuned, Mortimer revealed that three champions (Lucian, Yorick and Sivir) were being nerfed on the spot to, in theory, restore order to the meta for the immediate future.



The big three


Yorick and his army of ghouls were and have been a problem in Teamfight Tactics for quite a while, according to Mortimer. They deal too much damage and have too much health. Wednesday's B-patch looks to take care of both of those issues as they will be about 20% less bulky initially and deal less damage when he reaches level 2 and 3.


Sivir presented a unique challenge for Mortimer and his team in that her stats were fine but her ability was not functioning according to plan due to an unintended interaction. When equipped with a Berserker Axe or Runaan's Hurricane, Sivir's ability would constantly bounce to nearby enemies, causing on-hit effects to spread to more units than intended, locking them down. By removing the ability for her Ricochet to proc off those items, her power-level should be more in line with what the team intended.


In the last patch, Light as a trait was buffed as were quite a few units who hold the origin. While the overall performance of Light-based team compositions is up to snuff, one champion, in particular, is a bit too strong. How Lucian's ability scales is being nerfed by as much as 50% depending on how many Light units a player is running and how long the fight lasts. 

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