The full LCS Spring 2020 schedule has been revealed all the way through Week 9

▲ Image Source: TL LoL Twitter


Lolesports has finalized the LCS schedule, posting all 90 games of the regular season through March 22nd. Each team will play each other twice in a Best-of-One format, just like the last couple years. Riot recently confirmed their schedule change, including Monday night LCS and various Academy in-studio games, and have now posted the full season.



While Weeks 1-8 do follow the new format, the last week of LCS will take place entirely on Saturday and Sunday. There haven't been any announcements yet on how that will affect Academy, but they'll likely either play those games remotely or play all five Monday in-studio. 


Riot hasn't said why they're changing Week 9, but it may have to do with providing ample time for tiebreaker matches. Occasionally, the LCS will have three or more tiebreakers to play before playoff seeds are finalized,in those situations, Riot moves the games back a day. This way the games would all be finished on Monday at the latest, preventing any possible Tiebreaker Tuesdays (despite impeccable alliteration).


Strength of schedule often determines teams playoff seed, with the last two weeks being so important as everyone fights to get a bump up in the ladder. Previously, Riot only released through Week 7, but now we can see who plays who in those crucial end of season games. Who do you think has the best late season, and who will you be rooting for this Spring? Let us know on Twitter below!

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