Riot Games has shared more details about their upcoming projects Arcane, Riot Forge, and a 2-player tabletop game they're developing

▲ Teaser shot of Arcane.


Riot Games came out swinging in 2019, on League of Legends' tenth birthday, when they announced multiple new games they've been working on, as well as many projects expanding the League of Legends universe. Today the publisher shared more details about said universe-expansion, in what's promising to be a week full of announcements that'll get Riot fans excited.


Comics and series


When Riot Games announced that they were partnering with comic giant Marvel to release a series of comics, the ecstacy of lore-fanatics was palpable in the community. After the first comic, called Lux, centered around the Demacian heroin, a second one will be coming up. Not much is known about it yet, except that it will focus on the Ionian assassin and mid lane nightmare Zed.


▲ Ashe in a Riot Games comic.


At League of Legends'  tenth birthday, Riot revealed that they were working on a TV series focussing on the League of Legends universe. The animated series, Arcane, focusses on two young people exploring the dual-state cities Piltover & Zaun. Aside from more teaser screengrabs, Riot confirmed that the series is scheduled to go live somewhere in 2020.


▲ Piltover by day, from the series Arcane.


▲ Piltover by night, from the series Arcane.


More video content will follow in the shape of 'Tales of Runeterra', a series of short videos that will focus on developing the world's lore even further. Several of these videos will already be released in 2020, and Riot said that even the mysterious continent of Ionia will be visited.


▲ Tales of Runeterra concept art.


More games? More games.


While Riot themselves are developing more games, they also announced their new project, Riot Forge, last year. In collaboration with various third party publishers a plethora of single player games is in development. The first two of those, the turn-based roleplaying game Ruined King and the platformer Conv/rgence, already have a trailer. Today we learned that both games are set to release this year.




Riot doesn't just publish video games though. They already have a board game out there—Mechs vs. Minions—and a second one is in development. 'Tellstones: King’s Gambit', as the previously untitled project now can be named, is a 2 or 4-player tabletop game. It's based on a game played in Demacia, in Runeterra's lore, and is all about being great at bluffing. The more information you have, the better you'll fare playing the game. If you're interested in learning more about future tabletop projects of Riot Games, you can sign up here.


▲ A banner showing Demacians playing Tellstone.



Images via Riot Games.

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