Kongdoo Uncia birdring "Rebuilding the team has worked well for all of us."

On the 6th day of Overwatch APEX Season 2, Kongdoo Uncia won against CONBOX Spirit 3:0 in the first matchup of the day. The match was especially exciting to watch with Kongdoo Uncia's fierce and powerful attacks against CONBOX Spirit towards the end of the game.

Below is our brief post-match interview with Ji-hyuk "birdring" Kim, one of the key players who led Kongdoo Uncia to victory. birdring showed some impressive gameplays with McCree and Soldier:76 today.



Congratulations on winning! How do you feel about winning today?

I'm happy with the result. I guess my hard work has paid off.

How did you prepare for today's match?

A lot of people think we had scrimmages with our sister team (Kongdoo Panthera), but actually we had scrimmages with other teams in other groups.

Did you expect a 3:0?

A lot of people told me that CONBOX Spirit got much stronger, so I thought it would be 3:1 if we win. I'm really happy with the result. We were prepared for CONBOX's strategy with Sombra because we practiced a lot through scrimmages.

Do you think Kongdoo Panthera will win as well in their next match?

We sometimes play against each other and none of us is far better than the other. Panthera will not be a team that is easy to defeat.

You chose McCree in Set2 (King's Row) today. Is there any special reason for your choice?

I thought the other team won't choose D.VA because of her recent nerf, so I thought McCree could be an effective DPS.

Who contributed to today's victory the most, in your opinion?

Seong-won "Butcher" Yoon, our newest recruit. Se-yong "DNCE" Kim used to play DPS characters a lot, but now he mostly plays Zarya. I guess rebuilding our team has worked well for all of us.

Do you have any last words?

I would like to thank our CEO and president at Kongdoo, our coach, and our partner companies that support us.

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