The Season 10 cinematic is here: Warriors


Last year, just before Season 2019 launched, League of Legends fans were given a special treat. A new cinematic, titles 'Awaken', featuring League of Legends heroes fighting against eachother, welcomed the arrival of a new competitive season. It left fans hungry for more, and today, one day before Season 10 launches, the hunger was stilled.


In Warriors, the Season 2020 cinematic, more champions take to the stage. We see Ezreal and Kai'Sa fending off a swarm of creatures. Caitlyn and Vi battle Urgoth, while Lux and Garen desperately try to take a stance against Sylas' offense. All accompanied by a cover of Imagine Dragons' Season 4 World Championship song, Warriors.



Take a look at some of the amazing stills from the cinematic:








Images via Riot Games.

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