Mission Koala: 100% of Crytivo's profits will be donated to aid those affected by Australian wildfires


This month and the next, Crytivo will be donating 100% of net revenue from their online Crytivo Store and 30% from all their Steam sales to aid those affected by the Australian wildfires. The profits from their games will be donated towards firefighters that are working overtime, rebuilding destroyed homes and environmental cleanup.


"Our hearts go out to everyone who has suffered from this disaster and to the heroes working tirelessly to help." 


Millions of acres have been scorched by the Australian wild fires as their Summer just begins. With a total of 136 active fires, it is estimated that about half a billion animals have perished and several homes have been destroyed, with around 24 people dying because of the fires. About 2,700 firefighters have been tirelessly combating the blazes.


The independent game development studio was founded in 2013 by Alex Koshelkov, producing, publishing and selling indie games through their online store. Crytivo is best known for their Planet Management God-Game The Universim, which was partially funded via Kickstarter in 2014. The game will be fully released in 2020.


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