Here are the teams competing in the Twitch Rivals League of Legends NA Team Draft Showdown

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Twitch Rivals has announced its first League of Legends competition of 2020. The Twitch Rivals League of Legends Team Draft Showdown will feature eight teams drafted by selected captains competing for $75,000. Two separate brackets will be held in the tournament, one in North America, and one in Europe. 


The tournament will take place from January 21st-January 23rd, and on January 6th, a draft for the tournament was hosted by Daniel "dGon" Gonzales and Erik "Doa" Lonnquist, the latter of whom recently departed from casting the Overwatch League to freelance in multiple titles. 


Now that the draft has completed, let's take a look at the teams competing in Twitch Rivals League of Legends Team Draft Showdown and how their respective players were selected in the draft. Each team has been named according to its respective captain.


Group A


Team loltyler1

TOP  -  Adrianaries (8th)
JG  -  IWDominate (9th)
MID  -  Hai (23rd)
BOT  -  loltyler1
SUPP  -  Metaphor (24th)*


Team TFBlade

TOP  -  TFBlade
JG  -  Tarzaned (6th)
MID  -  Wayofthetempist (26th)
BOT  -  Value247 (11th)
SUPP  -  PapaChau (21st)


Team BoxBox

TOP  -  BoxBox
JG  -  KiNG Nidhogg (32nd)
MID  -  TSM Sword (1st)
BOT  -  xFSN Saber (15th)
SUPP  -  Joey (16th)


Team Voyboy

TOP  -  FallenBandit (5th)
JG  -  Masterfiend (27th)
MID  -  Voyboy
BOT  -  Osama (12th)
SUPP  -  Lohpally (20th)


*Metaphor was on the draft list as a Jungler, but players are allowed to be drafted into different roles should a captain see fit


Group B



Team Shiphtur

TOP  -  Dragoon (31st)
JG  -  ShorterACE (2nd)
MID  -  Shiphtur
BOT  -  Saskio (17th)
SUPP  -  Shady (14th)


Team Nightblue3

TOP  -  Tony Top (7th)
JG  -  Nightblue3
MID  -  Quantum Fizzics (25th)
BOT  -  Jurassiq (10th)
SUPP  -  HistoryTeacher (22nd)


Team Yassuo

TOP  -  Sanchovies (19th)
JG  -  LS (13th)
MID  -  Yassuo
BOT  -  Benji (4th)
SUPP  -  starsmitten (28th)


Team Trick2G

TOP  -  FoggedFTW2 (3rd)
JG  -  Trick2G
MID  -  Cookiemanman (30th)
BOT  -  Horsey (18th)
SUPP  -  Geranimo (29th)*


*Trick2g originally drafted Swifte with the 14th draft pick, but between picks 21 and 22, Swifte publicly dropped out of the tournament. Trick needed time to decide a replacement, so he was given a pick-up draft selection on his final turn through the draft.

The Twitch Rivals League of Legends Team Draft Showdown kicks off with the Group Stage on Tuesday, January 21, 2020 at 1:00pm PST. The second round robin of both groups will take place at the same time on Wednesday, January 22nd, with any potential tie-breakers taking place before the Playoffs on January 23rd, which will start on 1:00pm PST with tie-breakers at 11:00am PST if necessary. The tournament can be watch on the official Twitch Rivals channel

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