Teamfight Tactics 10.1 patch features balance changes to more than 20 champions

▲ Malzahar is being buffed in patch 10.1.


Now that the holidays are over, it's back to work for Riot Games and their Teamfight Tactics' development team. On Monday afternoon, Stephen Mortimer, the game's Lead Designer, posted a rundown video on his official YouTube channel for the upcoming 10.1 patch. Set to go live on Wednesday, the auto chess title is experiencing an item overhaul and introduce two new champions in the content update.


In addition to the new content coming above, numerous Traits and Champions are seeing their numbers tweaked to mix up the meta and encourage diverse ways to play and win.


Patch 10.1 balance changes


▲ Ivern is receiving a buff to his health regeneration.




Druid- Units regenerate 45 health per second, up from 40

Light- Units used to gain 15%/25/35% bonus, now they will receive a 15%/35%/55% bonus.

Ocean- Two Ocean units will provide a smaller mana boost for their team than before. Every four seconds Ocean units will provide 10/30/60 mana, down from 15/30/60.

Shadow- Shadow units will now deal 65%/150% bonus damage, up from 60%/140%.





Vayne- Her base health is going from 500 to 550 and her spell damage is jumping from 9%/12%/15% to 10%/13%/16%

Jax- His base health is going from 650 to 700 and his attack damage is being bumped up from 50 to 55.

Neeko- The amount of mana required for her to cast her ability is being lowered from 80 to 60.

Warwick- His mana bar is being reworked from 50/150 to 50/125 and his spell damage is being buffed from 200/450/700 to 200/500/800.

Malzahar- His minion attack damage is going from 30/60/90 to 40/70/100.

Senna- Her allies will be buffed by 15/40/65, up from 15/30/55.

Syndra- She will be able to get spells off more reliably as her mana bar is going from 80 to 65.

Aatrox- His base health is being raised from 700 to 800. His spell will hit harder as well as the damage is being boosted from 250/500/1000 to 300/600/1200.

Skarner- His shield bonus is being buffed to 50%/75%/100% from 30%/65%/100.

Varus- Three-star Varus will hit quite a bit harder than before as his spell's damage is jumping from 225/450/675 to 225/450/800.

Azir- His spell damage is jumping from 125/250/375 to 150/275/450.

Qiyana- The duration of her stun is being lowered from 3/4/5 to2.5/2.5/4.5. The damage of the spell is being buffed from 300/500/700 to 300/500/900.

Annie- Her loyal sidekick, Tibbers, is going to hit harder as his damage is going from 150/300/1000 to 125/350/1500.

Nocturne- His attack speed is being lowered from .75 to .7. His attack damage is dropping from 60 to 55.

Sivir- The duration of her spell is being nerfed from 7 to 5 seconds.

Twitch- His spell bonus attack damage ratio is going from 125%/150%/300% to 130%/160%/300%.

Master Yi- The bonus damage his spell provides is jumping from 50/75/500 to 75/100/500.

Amumu- His stun duration is being lowered from 2/2//2 to 1.5/2/5. The damage of the spell is being nerfed as well from 150/250/1337 to 100/200/1337. And last but not least, his mana bar is being reworked from 50/125 to 75/150.

Nami- Her spell damage is being nerfed from 150/250/350 to 100/200/300.



Images via: Riot Games.

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