League of Legends Season 10 starts on January 10th — Riot teases with amazing art


The start of a new year means the start of a new League of Legends season. Though the 10.1 patch arrives on January 8th, the tenth season for Solo Queues and Draft Picks will commence on the 10th of January. The grinding spent on achieving higher ranks is wiped away, but fear not: the rank reset is a soft one. During placement matches the game keeps in mind your previous achievements, and pairs you accordingly. If you got to Bronze 1, you won't meet a Challenger player.


The tenth League of Legends season is marked predominantly by the arrival of Sett, the tanky melee champion. He'll be pushed to the live servers after PBE players put him to the test over the past few weeks. Alongside Sett comes the Mecha Kingdoms event, adding four Pacific Rim-like skins to the game. Draven, Jax, Leona and Garen are the lucky ones, with Garen's skin also having a Prestige edition.




Riot has teased the arrival of Season 10 with some incredible art, featuring five champions' contours, with their ultimates displayed in the negative space. Coincidence or not, the five form what could be a composition in a Summoner's Rift game: Urgot for the top lane, Rengar as jungler, Azir in mid, Kai'Sa for the bot lane, and Nami as support.



Fans have been speculating whether the art could be related to a cinematic for the 10th season. Last year Riot Games released 'Awaken', an astonishing cinematic featuring many champions in action. Given its success it seems natural that Riot would once again release a cinematic, but for now, let's just enjoy Awaken one more time.




Images via Riot Games

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