[KeSPA Cup] AF Jelly: "I like it when I get hit a lot but don't die."


In the 2019 KeSPA Cup ULSAN, Afreeca Freecs claimed the championship title by defeating SANDBOX Gaming 3-0. It was the first championship of the organization and all the members didn’t hide their excitement. Especially for Afreeca, the improvement of Son “Jelly” Ho-kyeong was quite impressive. 


“The fact that we made it to the finals made me think that I want to win the championship, and we did,” said Jelly. He also mentioned that he didn’t get too excited because he wasn’t in good condition and that the whole team had flu symptoms. “I wasn’t feeling that good because of the sickness, but winning the championship made me feel a lot better.”


Jelly contributed to the team much with Braum, a champion other teams didn’t prefer that much. Other than Braum, he also played a similar role with Nautilus and Rakan. In the current meta, tank champions are popular for the support position.


“I don’t mind too much about the meta, and I don’t feel pressure in playing in any kind of meta,” he said, but cleared what style play he likes. “Personally, I like it when I get hit a lot but don’t die,” said Jelly, smiling. “It’s also really fun when CC chains hit properly into a wombo-combo. The champions I played in this tournament seem to be my style.”


In the upcoming season, Jelly will stand in lane with veteran Jin “Mystic” Seong-jun. “Mystic knows a lot and there’s a lot to learn from him. When I ask him things when the game isn’t going well, he gives great answers. He’s a really good player and it seems he’s specialized for team play.” Jelly also added another comment about Mystic while raising his thumb, “When he has to go nuts, he does.”


When asked how he would do in 2020, Jelly answered, “I feel good that I was able to win the championship today. I won’t forget this feeling and do my best to continue this flow into spring split, so that we can get good results.”

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