[KeSPA Cup] AF Kiin: "I think it’s our first time getting a 3-0 victory in a BO5, so we’ll continue to take victories in a similar fashion."

Image source: esports KBS official stream.


On the 4th (KST), DragonX faced off against Afreeca Freecs in the second semifinal match of the KeSPA Cup, held at KBS Ulsan Hall. With a set score of 3-0, Afreeca defeated DRX by a  landslide victory. With Kim “Kiin” Gi-in putting on an incredible performance in the top lane and receiving MVP for game 1 and 3, Afreeca now heads into the finals of the KeSPA Cup, where they face SANDBOX Gaming.

The following is the broadcast interview with Kiin and Song “Fly” Yong-jun , conducted by the on-stage host of the KeSPA Cup, Kim Min-a.



(To Kiin) How does it feel to pick up the victory against DragonX?


We travelled far to get to Ulsan, so I’m glad that we don’t get to go home so soon.

(To Kiin) From your Renekton pick in game 1, you consistently had the highest damage in all of the games. How do you feel about today’s performance?


I feel like I roamed around the map a lot, but because of my teammates, my roams paid off.

(To Kiin) Your teleport in the bot lane, which led to first blood by Afreeca, felt like the team’s synergy was almost perfect. Was the play premeditated?


We didn’t prepare for it specifically, but I instantaneously saw the moment of opportunity, so I remember saying to my team that we can kill them.

(To Kiin) Iloveoov stated in an interview that Deft is the player that worries him the most. Were you worried about their bot lane at all?


Since DRX’s mid and bot lane consists of veteran players, we played around the mid and bot lane.

(To Kiin) You handled the enemy champions engaging into Afreeca really well, and a prime example of it is in front of the Dragon pit in game 1. Can you describe what the situation was like back then?


Jarvan was walking up, so while I was doing my part in the fight, I trusted my teammates to do their part, and things worked out.

(To Kiin) In today’s match, is there someone that cheered you on the most?


I don’t know about that, but all my teammates aren’t feeling too well today, so I think our head coach was really worried.

(To Kiin) Can you say a few words to your head coach for gifting him with the 3-0 victory today?


I think it’s our first time getting a 3-0 victory in a BO5, so we’ll continue to take victories in a similar fashion.

(To Fly) Congratulations! You were very nervous during your last interview. How do you feel today? Thoughts on the victory?


I’m much more comfortable today. I was honestly open-minded about today’s match, and although I didn’t think we’d win 3-0, it feels good to have done so.

(To Fly) People are saying that your off-meta and unorthodox picks are actually very useful in the team’s draft and macro. What are your thoughts on such opinion?


Really? I don’t really feel that’s true, so I’m not too sure.

(To Fly) Today, the one thing that you should be proud of is that you’re really good at setting things up for the team. What are your thoughts on that?


Um.... I guess so? (Laughter) I think so.

(To Fly) In game 2, from Ornn’s Call of the Forge God, Braum’s Glacial Fissure, into Kennen’s Slicing Maelstrom, these ultimates were chained beautifully. Was it something that was practiced? Or were they a chain of instantaneous decisions?


We practiced them a lot during scrims, so things just played out naturally on stage.

(To Kiin) You’ll now be facing Summit in the finals. You and Summit were once teammates, so people say that you’re very suited to face him in the finals. Can you share your resolutions for the finals?


Ever since we were on the same team, I knew that Summit’s a great player, so I need to prepare thoroughly for the finals.

(To Kiin) Can you say something to your fans as well?


Tomorrow is the finals against SANDBOX, so I’ll make sure to play as well as I did today.

(To Fly) You actually made it to the finals of the KeSPA Cup last year, but unfortunately, you failed to take the victory. In the hopes of lifting the championship trophy this year, can you share your resolution, heading into this year’s finals?


Last year, I actually lost to Chovy in the KeSPA Cup finals, but I beat him today, so I feel that I’ll be able to prepare for the finals with less pressure on my shoulders. I’ll make sure to win tomorrow’s match.

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