[KeSPA Cup] SB Head Coach Laden: "I want to prove that we’re not just a mediocre team by keep playing our game and concentrating."


On the 3rd (KST), SANDBOX Gaming defeated T1 3-1 in the semifinals of the 2019 KeSPA Cup. For SANDBOX Gaming, it is the first finals the organization has ever reached since its establishment. After their win, head coach Kang “Laden” Byung-ho and Yoo “FATE” Su-hyeok sat for an interview.



How do you feel defeating T1?


Laden: We put in a lot of thought from the starting lineup and attempted many things today. I’m happy that it brought good results.


FATE: It was my first official match since I joined SANDBOX Gaming. Since the opponent was T1, I was really nervous. I feel good that the results were good.


What did you focus on while preparing to play against T1?


Laden: We focused on the mid-jungle fights. The reason we started Fate was that we wanted to have more synergy there. I’m satisfied that he did well even if it was his first appearance.


FATE: There were things that we prepared during the practice. If I made a mistake by being too nervous, it could have gone wrong. I focused on becoming one as a team.


(To FATE) You played Qiyana in both games you played.


FATE: It may vary by team, but I personally thought it was a good pick and I was confident playing her.


(To Laden) Was it regretful that you substituted the members after losing Game 3?


Laden: I thought the players that were substituted in may feel pressure since we won the first two games, but I wanted to give my players a good experience so I subbed them in. I said the same thing to Dove and Route, that don’t worry about winning or losing and think about gaining experience.


How was it watching the match from the bench?


FATE: I can see in a wider perspective than when I’m playing myself. I was able to focus on each situation more.


Which team would you like to meet at the finals?


Laden: Personally, I wish DragonX gets to the finals. Both teams are good, but DragonX has built great synergy in a short time with the new players, so I’m looking out for them. I’m wondering if they can make it to the finals. If they do, I believe we can put up a good fight.


FATE: I think both Fly and Chovy are great players. If I get to play against them, I’ll do my best to reduce my mistakes so that I would have no regrets.


(To FATE) You faced Faker today. How was it?


FATE: Faker is a player that everybody respects. So I was more nervous and was conscious of him. Coach FanTaSy told me not to think of that and just show what I’ve got. That was very helpful.


Any last comments?


Laden: I think fans don’t rate us that high. I want to prove that we’re not just a mediocre team by keep playing our game and concentrating. This is my goal for 2020. I’ll continue to work hard to do so and to do well in the finals. The organization bought us plane tickets to Ulsan and supported us well. I’d like to thank them.


FATE: We reached the finals of KeSPA Cup. I’d like to show good performances until the end. Not only that, I’d like to do well in the LCK by preparing well.

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