[KeSPA Cup] SB Summit on the team's new bot lane: "Not only is our bot lane duo really good in scrims, they also played really well on stage tonight."

Image Source: KeSPA Cup English stream

On the 30th (KST), SANDBOX Gaming and Griffin clashed in the 2nd round of the KeSPA Cup quarterfinals at the Nexon Arena. With a set score of 2-0, SANDBOX defeated GRF to advance to the semifinals, which takes place at the KBS Ulsan hall. 


The following is the interview with the MVP for both game 1 and 2, Park “Summit” Woo-tae.


Congrats on the victory. How do you feel?


I’m glad that our team was able to start with a victory.

How did your teammates react to you becoming MVP for both games?


They didn’t admit it because I threw in game 1, but they agreed with me getting MVP for game 2.

There was a moment in game 1 where your team lost 4 members and was pushed up to your inhibitor turret. Can you share what your in-comms were like?


Jarvan was the only one alive, so he said he’ll try to stall by using Gargoyle Stoneplate and Cataclysm, and that bought us enough time.

In the process where your team took 4 dragons, it seemed like the other members were focused on Qiyana, but since you kept 3-4 enemies in check, it felt like your role in teamfights was different. What was going through your mind?


When I was playing Vladimir, I focused on hitting my Hemoplague on multiple members and try to pull as much enemy aggro as possible.

Your team composition in game 2 snowballed really early. What was the strategic reason behind it, especially the Xin Zhao pick?


Xin Zhao is a pick that OnFleek is very confident in, and we tried to hide our mid-jungle pick as much as possible during the draft.

How is your synergy with your new bot lane duo?


Not only is our bot lane duo really good during scrims, they also played really well on stage tonight.

Leo was on the starting roster tonight, but fans have great expectations for Route as well. Can you share something that they’re especially good at?


I think Route is a very explosive player, while Leo is a traditionalist that strives for perfection at every moment.

Your next opponent is either Gen.G or T1. Who do you want to face?


I want to face Gen.G because their roster is full of really good players.

Tonight was your last match of 2019, and you’ll be playing your first match in Ulsan. Please share your resolution with your fans for your next match.


We’ll make sure to prepare well for the semifinals in Ulsan, so please continue to support us.

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