LCS/LEC Fantasy is returning in Spring 2020, the perfect Christmas gift for pro League fans

Five years ago, Riot kicked off its Fantasy LCS, allowing fans to draft pros and create their own team, competing with friends to see who could build and manage the best roster throughout a season. But then after a couple years on the backburner, Riot shut it down for the 2019 season, claiming they would bring something bigger for 2020. 


Well, that "something bigger" has arrived! The new Fantasy features a salary cap, champion select, team captain, a complete list of stats and analytics, better graphics, a clean UI, and a $100,000 prize pool! But it wasn't actually Riot who produced it. An esports data and analytics startup company, Esports One, created this new souped up rendition. 



Esports One's version is a "Daily Fantasy" style, differing from the seasonal one Riot produced. That means there are no lock-outs on players. If you form a league with your best friends and everyone wants CoreJJ, then everyone can draft CoreJJ. They don't limit player availability, but rather access to salary, meaning you can only have so many top tier players on your team before you reach the cap.

▲ An early look at the Fantasy dashboard, showcasing each lineup's available salary

That, along with all the new ways to control your players, means those with the best knowledge and management should come out on top. Everyone gets the same pool of players and salary, making the game much more about each individual's planning and engagement. Additionally, those who follow the meta, use their research tool integrated in the site, and really put in the effort will have an even greater advantage.


There are many ways to engage with the pro scene. It will no longer just be, "smurf the draft day one and ride on a handful of carries throughout the season." Riot is releasing an LPL beta version of their new Esports Manager game they announced during their tenth anniversary, but the E1 Fantasy will provide a lot of the same management feel for the LCS and LEC this year.

▲ Some of the data available from the Research Panel included


However, there is limited access to their Fantasy league this season, with only 10,000 slots opening up. The site is running a refferal competition as well, where people have access to win useable credits for the Fantasy league, along with real life stock in Esports One itself. Sign up today, join the competition, and get ready for a much more immersive world of LCS/LEC Fantasy in 2020. 

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