The 5 League of Legends champions to play during Christmas


‘Tis the season for spending time with friends, family, and other loved ones. But let’s be honest: after six consecutive hours of dad jokes and slightly racist remarks from that one uncle, we all long for some solitary peace and quiet. Something League of Legends can offer you in Blind Draft, ARAM, or the new game mode Poro King (but definitely don’t try to find peace and quiet in ranked solo queue).


To still stay somewhat in a holiday spirit, here are the five champions you can play on these cold winter days and give it a spin of festivity.





Christmas isn’t complete without a Santa Claus. And while the jolly icon hasn’t found his way to Summoner’s Rift quite yet, Bard offers a pretty solid alternative. Not only does he boast the physique of a true Santa, he also leaves gifts all around the map for your teammates to pick up. Ever wondered how Santa manages to deliver everyone’s presents in one night? Well, Bard’s tunnel ability, Magical Journey, is a perfect explanation. Of course, only Snow Day Bard is the skin that counts.





While the song originally tells us how Rudolf had a very shiny, red nose, we need to adapt a little bit to bring that holiday spirit to League of Legends. No, Hecarim isn’t a reindeer. And no, he doesn’t have a very shiny nose. But he traverses the world in record speed, and if you play him with the Arcade skin, it’s about as shiny and sparkly as this undead warhorse could realistically be.





The fireplace glows, the family has left. You’re in the living room, still full of all the great food you just unapologetically shoved inside. On your lap lies your pet, which you stroke as it purrs. “Thank god nobody stood on his tail this year,” you think, reminiscing about your uncle’s destroyed cabin. But this year Gnar is good, and the best Christmas pet you could wish for.





We’ve all had presents of which we appreciated the thought behind them, but would rather return to the store. Of course, you can’t really say anything about it until after the celebration, when you lean over to your mom and she assures you she’ll get it fixed. But why go through all that, when you can simply reverse time? Give your parents a heads up, allowing them to help grandma pick the right present. In League, sometimes you wander in the wrong bush. One simple R on Ekko, and back to normal things go.





We have to consider old Christmas tales as well. And though originally Scrooge is visited by three Christmas spirits, Karthus is probably strong enough to compensate. Quality over quantity, right? Pull up a Wall of Pain, Lay Waste to your enemies, and sing a high-pitched Requiem as you remind your enemies that a sack of coal is all that awaits them, this season.

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