Apex Legends Season 10 Ranked Split 2 brings some changes


Apex Legends Ranked Split 2 has arrived, bringing some updates to ranked gameplay. 


Ever since Season 4, Ranked Leagues have been split into two parts spanning each season. Season 10: Emergence is no different, with ranks resetting at the start of the second split. Ranks were reset yesterday, meaning competitive players will have to climb up the ranked ladder once again to try to reach Apex Predator, the top 750 players. 


The higher the rank each season, the better the rewards. Ranked rewards are calculated based on the players' highest rank across both splits. 


When is Season 10 Ranked Split 2?


Season 10's Ranked Split 2 began on September 28, a week later than previously planned. This was thanks to Apex Legends' ongoing server issues. Respawn Entertainment developers kept claiming the servers were fixed but players would log in to find that the issue still persisted. This went on for a good week or so. 


What's different in Season 10 Ranked Split 2? 


The servers are working! 


There's more. Olympus has been removed from ranked. Season 10 Ranked Split 2 will feature Kings Canyon. 



Players have probably also noticed that the soft reset between splits set them back by 1.5 tiers. For example, players that were Gold I at the end of Ranked Split 1 will start Ranked Split 2 as Silver III. This is definitely frustrating for many players but will keep Apex Legends fans grinding through the split. 


When does Ranked Split 2 end?


Ranked Split 2 is a week shorter than the first split. So there will be a definite rush to climb back up the ranks. Season 10 Ranked Split 2 ends on November 2. 

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