Apex Legends is coming to the Nintendo Switch Fall of 2020 - will feature cross play.



Fall 2020 teased on Twitter


Today, the Apex Legends Twitter account @PlayApex shared a photo of someone booting up Apex Legends on a Nintendo Switch.

The character holding the Switch-- is it a real person? Is this an in-game character? Doesn't matter. What does matter, is that the Tweet also included a release window: Fall of 2020.

Some esports teams decided to comment and Team Secret won with a picture of a torched Nintendo Switch.



Tempo Storm was just enthusiastic.




Many gamers in the replies expressed concerns that playing on the Nintendo Switch would feel 'weird" and that certainly makes sense if you are used to playing an FPS on Mouse and Keyboard. However, to the millions of gamers who have never tried Apex Legends, the console version of the game may, in fact, be a much more enjoyable experience.

Regardless of how you play, Apex Legends will change in Fall of 2020, as there will also be cross-play between players on PC or the Switch.



Nintendo Switch owners have yet another reason to consider a Nintendo Switch Lite, considering the ease of play will be the biggest draw to playing Apex Legends on a Switch. It isn't a wild stretch to imagine some PC players who own a Switch will enjoy a more laid back approach to controls every now and then.

Even if those diehard PC players just want to sneak a few more matches in bed, the reveal of Apex Legends on the Switch is largely being met with positive excitement and enthusiasm.

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