VALORANT community frustrated with Fracture in ranked

Source: Riot Games


A game-breaking bug has Fracture left out of VALORANT's ranked queue. 


Fracture is the newest VALORANT map, featuring a first-of-its-kind H shape that has defenders spawning in the middle and attackers able to move in from multiple sides. It's a complex map that has led to frustration in solo queue but has many fans excited to see how the pros maneuver such a new layout. 


But that may have to wait. 


According to VALORANT's official Twitter account, Fracture has been removed from competitive mode. The temporary removal is due to an abundance of bugs on the new map, including a new one that breaks the game. Sometimes the Spike will spawn underneath the map, making it impossible for the offensive team to stop it. 


VALORANT developers are hoping it will be back up today. 



VALORANT community reacts to Fracture in ranked


The bug is unfortunate since Fracture was just added to the Competitive map queue yesterday. Players were just starting to test out Fracture's unique design to better understand the best playstyles and strategies. 


But many VALORANT players have felt similarly after their one day of practice on Fracture: The map is too complex for ranked. 


The map requires a large amount of communication due to its shape. It also requires teams to discuss new, previously unheard-of strategies. This has made solo queue very frustrating for some players. 



Said one critical player: "But since it's such a different map, people don't understand they can't just sit on sites and wait for someone to come, because then it's too late. You just contest 3 out of 4 sides on defense and have some kind of info utility on the fourth side. Defender rotations are by far the fastest out of any map and that makes your life way easier. But if you're not contesting outside of site, it's a definite loss." 


Others agreed that it just takes some new skills and different agent compositions to master. Defenders have to be much more aggressive than usual. Standing back will almost always be a loss for the defending team. 


The conclusion was that Fracture is just a bit more complex than other VALORANT maps, which were often criticized for being too simple in the past. While fans enjoy the intensity and layers of gameplay on Fracture, it can be quite frustrating for teams that aren't communicating properly. 


And while this has made it both fun and exhausting to play, most fans prefer to see VALORANT pros playing on Fracture in the next Valorant Champions Tour event. Some pointed out that Gambit Esports' Ayaz "nAts" Akhmetshin's Cypher setups on Fracture will be legendary and inspirational. 

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