New VALORANT agent unveiled. Meet Yoru, coming in Episode 2

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Just after the dawn of the new year, VALORANT has released yet another agent, bringing Yoru to the game as the 14th playable character in the five vs five tactical shooter. Yoru's in-game description details him as a Japanese native who rips holes straight through reality to infiltrate enemy lines unseen. Using deception and aggression in equal measures, he gets the drop on each target before they know where to look.


Just like the rest of VALORANT's agents, Yoru's ability kit has three normal abilities and one ultimate that you need to charge up. And while some of his abilities are familiar — yes, Yoru has yet another flash — some bring new mechanics to the game, changing how his opponents will have to play in order to deal with his deception. 


Yoru's first ability is called Fakeout, and it's the first new mechanic introduced by Yoru. Fakeout equips an "echo" that mimics footsteps when activated. Yoru can either use it immediately, sending decoy footsteps immediately in front of him which will continue onward for a while, or he can place it and activate the ability later. 


Yoru's second ability is Blindside, Yoru's flash ability. Blindside rips an unstable fragment from reality. He can throw it against any hard surface, which will activate the flash after bouncing. (If you do not hit a surface, it will dissipate.)


His third ability is Gatecrash, which acts similarly to some other teleport abilities in the game. Equipping Gatecrash harnesses a rift tether. You control it the same as Fakeout, either sending the tether forward in a line or putting it down at your feet. Once placed, you can activate it again to teleport to the tether's location. 


Yoru's ultimate is Dimensional Drift, bringing another new mechanic to VALORANT. Yoru sees into a different dimension and can enter it, becoming invisible and invulnerable to enemies while using it. 



Yoru is now the fifth Duelist agent in VALORANT, allowing for a full team of five duelists to engage with, if that's your style. Yoru will be available on January 12, along with the rest of VALORANT Episode 2 and the new battle pass. Get ready to deceive! 




All images by: Riot Games

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