[Diablo 4] Automatic frozen orbs! — How to utilize the Sorcerer’s Enchantment


Each class in Diablo 4 has its own unique class mechanics. Along with the basic appearance, an extra ability is added to distinguish the classes more. In addition, the direction and gameplay change according to how you utilize the class mechanics.


For the Sorcerer, the unique mechanic is the Enchantment system. It is activated after finishing a quest after Lv. 15. With this system, Sorcerer skills can be placed into any of the six active skill slots that all classes have, or three Enchantment slots. To make it easier to understand, the Enchantment slots are extra skill slots only given to the Sorcerer.


Then how does it work? Let’s have a look at how it is.


What is the Enchantment system?


When you level up your Sorcerer to 15, you get an extra quest, Legacy of the Magi. You can use the Enchantment system by completing this quest. It’s best to complete it as early as you can, as the Enchantment system isn’t unlocked until you do, even if you were to level up more.


The quest isn’t complicated — you need to retrieve “The Forgotten Codex” from a nearby dungeon. After returning The Forgotten Codex to Mordarin, you will be able to use the Enchantment system after a few simple steps.


▲ I actually did the quest at Lv. 19


Using the Enchantment system is simple. Pick the active skill you want and assign it to the enchantment slot. The key point of this system is that the effect is different when you assign it to a regular slot or an Enchantment slot. For example, when you assign Ice Armor to a regular slot, it creates a shield that absorbs damage. When you assign it to an Enchantment slot, you gain a 5% chance to proc Ice Armor when hit.


Like Ice Armor, other Sorcerer skills provide a passive effect with the Enchantment system. It doesn’t just simply provide extra damage or extra skill slots, so you should read each effect and utilize them properly. Skills without a rank cannot be assigned, as well as ultimate and passive skills.


Up to now, the character level is limited to 25, so you can only use one Enchantment slot. There are many different ways to utilize it, so you should go through it thoroughly to synergize with your other skills or equipment.


▲ Simply register a skill to an Enchantment slot
▲ Now, I have an automatic Blizzard above my head

Utilizing the Enchantment system


Through the Enchantment system, Sorcerers will gain more diversity. Even if it’s the same skill build, you can make your own unique build depending on what skill you assign to the Enchantment slot. You can register a skill that connects well with your main skills, or choose a skill that aids your character’s stability.


If you want faster movement, consider assigning Teleport in the Enchantment slot. That way, you can use Teleport instead of dodging a short distance when you press your space bar. You can also assign the skill you registered in the Enhancement slot into a normal slot, and this way, you can use Teleport consecutively.


▲ Dodging is changed into Teleport if you assign Teleport to your Enchantment slot


Many Sorcerers are already making builds related to keywords such as Cold, Freeze, Weaken, Stun, etc. When you do, the Enchantment slots help a lot. If you’re a Cold spell Sorcerer, you can use Frozen Orb from a basic slot, but you can also assign it to the Enchantment slot, making it shoot out automatically and assign a different skill to the remaining basic slot.


Fire and Lightning also have multiple utilizations. You can spawn Fire Walls when an enemy takes burning damage, or gain help from a 5-headed Hydra. As for Lightning, you can assign skills that activate automatically for more damage.


You can also register skills you gained through item attributes. Even if you didn’t use a single skill point on Blizzard, if you have equipment that has +1 to Blizzard, you can assign Blizzard to the Enchantment slot and have a Blizzard cloud hanging above your head. The Enchantment slot will be a new area to be unique when creating your own Sorcerer build.


▲ The direction is rather odd, but Frozen Orb goes off automatically.
▲ You can connect Ice Shard and Frozen Orb (Enchantment) after freezing an enemy with Frost Nova
▲ How about summoning 5-headed Hydras whenever you spend 300 mana?
▲ You can maximize the critical effects of Spark and Chain Lightning to utilze Ball Lightning’s Enchantment effect.

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