The best TFT comps for Patch 12.3 in Set 6


We’ve now reached the end of Set 6, with Patch 12.3 being the final patch before the mid-set update turns the game back on its head. Even though this patch has been the beginning of the typical period where players leave behind the current content, Patch 12.3 is still important for those who are still trying to hit the next tier of the ranked climb.


At this point, we have covered the setups, itemization, and positioning for each major comp of Set 6, so for the last patch, we are going to experiment. Instead of breaking down the strongest comps for this patch, this guide will focus on five comps based on the main types of items that differing comps (generally) want. This way, you can make the best choice for your comp based on the items you have at your disposal.

The best TFT comps for Patch 12.2 in Set 6

AD Burst comp

Best items: Last Whisper, Infinity Edge

Best comp: Syndicate/Assassin

This comp is all about crit, crit, and more crit. The IE/Last Whisper combo on Shaco is crucial, as it not only allows him to get more damage out of those crits, but also reduces enemy armor when he does crit. Rapidfire Cannon works as a third item, as do Runaan’s Hurricane, Bloodthirster, Guardian Angel, or Guinsoo’s Rageblade.


For Akali, the IE/Last Whisper combo can work, but she is more dependent on the Infinity Edge than Shaco. In the event that you’re only able to get one of each, but IE on Akali and Last Whisper on Shaco.


As for early game, you can stack these items on either Talon or Twitch early. Unless you manage to three-star either, they should always be sacrificed later to get items onto the Akali and Shaco.

AD DPS comp

Best items: Runaan’s Hurricane, Giant Slayer

Best comp: Scrap Sisters

The entire goal in this comp is to have a front line that is big and beefy enough to allow your backline carries (Jinx and Urgot) to chew through the enemy. This comp isn’t meant to kill quickly, but win the war of attrition thanks to the percent health damage and ramping attack speeds.


Runaan’s Hurricane is obviously important here, as either Jinx or Urgot could use the item. Giant Slayer also works on both, and each also wants a Guardian Angel. This is just in case you do happen to go up against one of those dastardly Assassin comps, who will wreck you if you’re not careful.


Early game, you can stack these attack speed items on Kog’Maw or even Gangplank if you want to go in on Mercenaries to try and accelerate the gold early. Neither is really worth keeping items on into the late game, though.

AP Burst comp

Best items: Blue Buff, Jeweled Gauntlet

Best comp: Arcanists

Your standard Arcanist comp, the Jeweled Gauntlet/IE combo on Lux is quite key for this comp. However, you can even double up on the Jeweled Gauntlets for Lux if you cannot hit on an Infinity Edge. In either case, Jeweled Gauntlet will also work wonderfully on Viktor. 


Regardless, getting the strong AP/mana item combination is critical for both Lux and Viktor. Even though Viktor prefers Spear of Shojin because of his higher mana costs, getting the mana items is still very much necessary.


While it might be tempting to put these items on a Twisted Fate or Ziggs earlier, these items actually work great on Heimerdinger as an early game carry, since you can easily dump him to make room for Lux and Viktor.

AP DPS comp

Best items: Morellonomicon, Chalice of Harmony

Best comp: Innovator Seraphine

Whereas with Arcanists the goal is to maximize spell rotations and high burst, for the Innovator comp the goal is for burn damage over time with these high-utility and AoE spells. Both Seraphine and Orianna can make use of Morellonomicon, even though neither necessarily need to use their spells more than once or twice to be highly effective.


The front line here is built on that Taric/Jayce combo, along with the Innovator’s companion, which is also propped up by the Taric/Janna healing. In either case, having strong defensive items and good positioning is a must to give Orianna and Seraphine time to get more spells out.


Early game options to hold these items would be Malzahar and Twisted Fate, as you can easily pivot out of Arcanists. 

Defensive Items comp

Best items: Bramble Vest, Warmog’s Armor

Best comp: Yordles

The defensive-stacking carry can work in just about any of the four comps listed above, but if you want one that is purely based on getting a stacked frontline as your primary damage, Yordles is the way to go. Not only is Vex the strongest of the Yordles, but getting that strong frontline to soak (and deal out) damage to buy time for Viegar is critical. 


Of course, if you’d prefer, you can stick these same items on a Jayce, Vi, Braum, or Sion for the same effect. However, with the exception of Jayce and perhaps Vi, none of those can really be called the primary carry of your comp.

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