Jett's abilities are bugged but TenZ says it's fine: "I don't mind, seems like a decent nerf"

VALORANT developers admitted that multiple Jett abilities are bugged in the current patch, causing her to be less powerful than she should be. However, they don't plan to fix it immediately, because according to the developers the issue is not severe enough to warrant immediate action.


Jett's weapon equip from her Tailwind dash is currently longer than it should be, and her Updraft costs more than it should in the current build of the game. According to the developers, neither the issues are game-breaking enough or affect the competitive integrity of the game to require a full patch redeploy, so there likely won't be a fix for Jett until patch 3.09.



Interestingly enough, Sentinels player TenZ unironically supports leaving the bugged abilities as they are, saying they are a pretty fair nerf to the character. A surprising statement from TenZ, who is considered to be one of the best Jett players in the world.


Other pro players like Autimatic and LG aproto also jokingly suggested that the functional nerf of a bug is fine, and maybe they should just leave it. 



Not every player agreed with TenZ and company, however. Many were upset at the prospect of their character being accidentally nerfed, questioning the idea that the bugs aren't affecting the competitive integrity of the game.



Team ENVY didn't take a position either way. Instead, they memed on Riot, requesting that Riot fix the Jett bug, but only for their star player Yay. 



We can expect Riot Games to push fixes for the bugs in Patch 3.09, assuming they don't decide to keep it this way as TenZ suggested.


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