Gun Vtuber shows definitive map callouts for Chess

Chess has been a sport for hundreds of years. In that time, the board has been described in many ways and over the years an established nomenclature for the various positions on the board has emerged, using the square numbers.


Unfortunately, that system of describing the board is rather technical and hard to wrap your head around at first. This makes it hard for new players to think about the board with any level of clarity, which can in turn create a mental block to talking about the best strategies for playing the game.


Luckily, Gun Vtuber is here to help with the definitive FPS-style map callouts for the chessboard!


Gun Vtuber made a video where they break down the chessboard with some solid FPS callouts. Not only are the callouts hilarious, they are also surprisingly useful for FPS players like me to think about chess strategy on our own terms!


The callouts included in the video are:


  1. Mid - the four center squares on the board as mid
  2. Double doors - the middle two pawns on both sides are white and black double doors respectively
  3. Castle Site - the white king-side castle area as "A castle site" for white and "B castle site" for black
  4. Spawn - the original squares for the king and queen on both sides are referred to as black and white spawn respectively
  5. Banana - and the right area directly in front of the starting line for each side


"If you spawn on the white side, you want to open up double doors, take control of mid, and try to flash or smoke the B-castle site on the black side and go through banana and go for a mate," the gun with eyes explains. "Maybe get a couple AWPers (queens and rooks) to look down mid-lane too, to cover you. That general strategy and general planning is going to really help improve your game." 


While it is genuinely funny to see someone explaining a comparatively ancient game using FPS language, it is also a genuinely good strategy for explaining things. Analogs are a powerful explanatory tool that can help bridge the gap between knowledge someone has into knowledge that they are attempting to acquire.


I hope we get more Gun Vtuber tutorials soon, maybe he can tackle Checkers or Poker next. 




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