Teamfight Tactics Patch 11.10 unit tier list

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TFT Patch 11.10 didn’t attack the overpowered units while boosting the under-powered ones with a rocketship. Instead, it was a plethora of minor changes, which was to be expected, following the B patch that dropped just one week into Set 5. There are small changes to almost every single unit, a bunch of traits, and a ton of items, which in turn meant major shakeups to the latest Teamfight Tactics tier list for Patch 11.10.


This tier list is meant to be an evaluation of pure unit power, done by aggregating unit rankings from five different sources across the web. While their place in the dominant comps of the patch is a consideration, their “plug-and-play” ability to perform as a round-out piece of a comp also matters greatly. The units are also rated within the tiers, with the strongest units on the left.

S Tier

No surprise that Rell is the best unit in TFT right now, as Ironclad and Redeemed are both incredibly strong traits. Kindred and Viego both fit in the top of the S tier because they will be the go-to units to round out comps with Rangers, Assassins, or Skirmishers as 5-cost units with incredible utility.


The major surprises in the S tier are Ryze, who doesn’t offer a ton of utility but does fit most comps that need a Mystic, Heimerdinger, and Teemo. Both these units were nerfed fairly substantially in Patch 11.10, so it’s fairly surprising to see them remain as S Tier picks. Even if it’s just barely.


A Tier

The A tier is led by perhaps the best pure “carry" unit in Patch 11.10, Jax. While Kayle, Heimerdinger, and Veigo are all stronger in the late game, it’s not as easy to plan a comp around those hard-to-get 5-cost units. With Skirmishers getting buffed in this patch and Ironclads still being ridiculously good, Jax can carry games with proper itemization.


There are also the underwhelming 5-cost units of Volibear and Darius, as well as the very strong 4-cost utility units, Ivern, Mordekaiser, and Diana. Kennen is also high in the A tier because Hellions are still a thing and as a Skirmisher he can flex into multiple comps. Rounding out the bottom of the A tier are the first of the very strong lower-cost units. Lux has become extremely strong now that she can shield any ally on the board, and Nautilus packs some fantastic CC.

B Tier

Morgana remains a fairly strong unit despite nerfs to herself and other members of the Coven. Her ultimate still has great utility even with the reduced range and she fits into Nightbringer comps. Seeing Pantheon and Trundle in the B Tier, given the high presence of Dragonslayer/Skirmisher comps in Patch 11.10 is odd, but their low ranking is simply because they don’t have true carry potential outside of hyper rolling and getting ideal itemization.


The bottom-tier 4-cost units are here as well, including Taric and Aphelios. This is not to say that these are bad units (in fact, Vel’Koz can be ridiculously strong in Redeemed/Spellweaver comps), but they need very narrow comp and item conditions to be effective. The higher-rated 4-costs do not have this handicap.


C Tier

In the C Tier, strong Skirmishers like Lee Sin and Nidalee lead the way. Both of these can be effective as secondary carries to Jax in a Skirmisher comp. There are also the remaining Covens — Leblanc and Lissandra — lurking here, as well as the strong 1-costs like Kha’Zix and Vayne. Both of these are fantastic units if they get 3-starred and have proper itemization. But neither can really headline a comp.


D Tier

The misfit toys from strong meta comps (Syndra, Aatrox, and Leona), the decent “throw-in” picks (Soraka, Zyra, and Nocturne), and the “strong-early game but sell if you’re not close to 3-starring in mid game” units (Kalista, Warwick) are all here. The units in the D tier are fantastic for the early-game transition, but it’s very rare that players are going to be holding these till late game unless it’s necessary.


The Hellions are largely in the D tier as well, signifying how this comp has fallen off a bit since the last patch. Early-game, Hellions are still going to give players trouble, but it’s now very rare that they will make a large impact late game.


F Tier

Apologies to Varus and Udyr players, but there is basically no reason to ever pick up these units. It’s especially shocking for Varus, who at least fits Redeemed comps, but Udyr makes complete sense. Even as a Skirmisher, he lacks a place in most comps.

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