An early test of Teamfight Tactics mobile is available now, but only for select users


When Teamfight Tactics hit the live servers, one of the first questions players asked was: will there be a mobile port as well? Its direct competitor Dota Underlords had launched on both PC and mobile platforms simultaneously, and it seemed inevitable that Riot Games would follow the path to mobile given TFT's gameplay style and layout. In January Riot set an ETA for TFT mobile: March. But for a select amount of players, the launch date for Teamfight Tactics mobile has come earlier: today.


In an update, the developers explain that they'll be rolling out a closed beta in a handful of countries, with random pre-registered players being granted access to the game. While this will disappoint the majority of players who have signed up and didn't initially get in, Riot has some uplifting words: the beta will expand over the next couple of weeks, and launch is still planned for March.


▲ A screenshot of the mobile TFT client.


For TFT's mobile version the layout has changed, but minimally so. It's mostly tuned to support one-finger playing, with big buttons for the shop and XP levelling. Most things have remained the same: you'll still be able to annoy everyone during the carousel round with your Silverwing's squeaks.


Images via Riot Games

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