Teamfight Tactics patch 10.3 will remove the powerful Spatula from carousel rounds


Teamfight Tactics is closing in on the end of Set 2. As announced a few weeks ago, the next set will go live somewhere in March, introducing new champions, traits and items to the autobattler. Until then, the TFT development team isn't making rigorous changes to the game mode anymore; they've said they're quite happy with the state of Teamfight Tactics as it is. It's all about minor adjustments to keep the meta versatile.


However, in the upcoming patch 10.3, there will be a significant item change: the Spatula will no longer appear on carousel rounds. It counts as one of the most powerful items in the game, as it can grant any champion another origin, completing a certain synergy you were aiming for. For example, a Spatula combined with a Tear of the Goddess creates a Mages Cap. Put it on an Annie, and all of a sudden she can summon two Tibbers when casting her ult. To compensate for the removal of the Spatula from carousel rounds, the chances of receiving one from creep rounds has been increased.


There aren't many standout champion adjustments in patch 10.3 for TFT. Ornn's ult now will last a total of ten seconds instead of four, and applies a 25% crit chance on targets instead of a 20% one. Combined with a small Zed buff, which sees his starting mana increase from 50 to 75, a Warden/Electric composition seems appealing in the new patch.


While the tentative patch notes usually make it through to the live servers, one small, planned tweak may end up being removed. On Twitter Teamfight Tactics pro Juan "Jschritte" Passos spoke to developer Stephen "Mortdog" Mortimer about a planned Yorick buff, which would let his level 1 version spawn 3 Mist Walkers instead of 2. After hearing Jschritte's arguments, Mortdog said that they'd probably not implement that change after all.


Full patch notes:




Assassin: Critical Strike damage changed to 70%/210% (adjusted from 65%/225%).

Light: Attack speed changed to 20%/30%/50% (adjusted from 14%25%/55%). Ally death heal changed to 20% (down from 25%).

Lunar: Spell damage buff per stack earned changed to 15% (up from 10%).

Shadow: Damage buff changed to  65%/165% (down from 65%/175%).




Annie: Attack speed changed to 0.65 (up from 0.6). Tibbers HP changed to 1600/2200/3000 (adjusted from 2000 on all levels).

Braum: Shield damage reduction changed to 80/85/90 (up crom 70/80/90).

Dr. Mundo: Base HP changed to 800 (up from 750).

Janna: Stun duration changed to 1.5 secons (up from 1 second).

Jax: Spell damage changed to 150/300/550 (up from 150/250/450).

Kog'Maw: Spell damage changed to 150/300/500 (up from 125/275/425).

LeBlanc: Spell damage changed to 225/475/800 (up from 200/450/800).

Lucian: Amount of shots ultimate fires changed to 12 (up from 10). Attack damage bonus of ultimate shots changed to 30%/40%/50% (up from 25%/40%/50%).

Lux: Spell damage changed to 550/900/9999 (down from 600/900/9999).

Master Yi: Attack speed changed to 1.1 (up from 1.0).

Nocturne: Base attack damage changed to 60 (up from 55).

Olaf: Ultimate attack speed bonus changed to 100%/150%/450% (up from 100%/150%/300%).

Ornn: Ultimate debuff changed to 25% (up from 20%). Debuff duration changed to 10 seconds (up from 4 seconds).

Rek'Sai: Armor changed to 35 (up from 30).

Vayne: Attack speed changed to 0.70 (down from 0.75).

Yasuo: Mana required to cast ultimate changed to 85 (down from 100).

Yorick: Mist Walker HP changed to 400/700/2000 (down from 600/800/2000). Number of Mist Walkers summoned changed to 3/3/12 (up from 2/3/12). Mana required to cast ultimate changed to 85 (up from 75).

Zed: Starting mana changed to 75 (up from 50).




Infinity Edge: Critical hit damage changed to 100% (down from 125%).

Ionic Spark: Percentage of mana dealt as damage changed to 225% (up from 200%).

Luden's Echo: Damage changed to 150/175/225 (adjusted from 125/175/250).

Spatula: No longer appears in carousel rounds. Chances of receiving a golden loot box increased.

Statikk Shiv: Magic damage changed to 85 (up from 80).


Image via Riot Games.

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