The detailed TFT patch notes are out for 10.2, with Assassins as big winners


After the patch notes for Teamfight Tactics' patch 10.2 were teased last Friday, we now know exactly how much the champions, origins, classes and items will be altered. TFT developer Stephen "Mortdog" Mortimer discussed the numbers on his stream, and shared the thoughts behind the changes coming to the client. The general thought: further encourage 'vertical' compositions—going all-in on one origin or class.


Assassins, whose origin buff was tuned down when the "Nocturne blender" meta was dominant, will receive a significant buff this time around. For three Assassins not a whole lot will change: their critical strike damage bonus increases from 50% to 65%. However, if you assemble six Assassins, their critical strike damage bonus goes up to a staggering 225%, up from 150%. Though the buff is quite immense and pushes the class into the top direction, Mortdog said he doesn't expect six Assassins to become a top tier build quite yet, but it should be "a more playable option."


For Mages, no numbers will be adjusted. Instead, they're receiving a little extra to assert dominance on the board. "It's getting the Berserker treatment," Mortdog said on stream, referring to Berserker's bonus attack damage when you've gathered six of them. For Mages, patch 10.2 will bring an extra bit of ability power, if you manage to get six of them on board. In addition to the existing 100% chance to double cast their spells, those spells will have 20 more ability power behind them.


Most important changes:


Origins & classes


Assassin: Critical strike damage increased to 65%/225%.

Blademaster: Chance for additional auto attacks decreased to 35%. Cannot exceed extra-attack limit anymore.

Desert: Armor reduction adjusted to 40%/100%.

Inferno: Burn damage increased to 70%/150%/250%.

Shadow: Damage buff duration increased to 6 seconds, damage buff increased to 65%/170%.

Mage: Added a 20 ability power bonus for six Mages.

Warden: Six Warden armor bonus increased to 999%.

Woodland: Six Woodlands (through Woodland Lux) lets all Woodlands on board create a copy of themselves.




Ashe: Level 3 spell attack damage increased to 0.75.

Ezreal: HP increased to 650, spell damage increased to 225/450/900.

Karma: Attack speed bonus decreased to 40%/60%/80%.

Kindred: Fixed bug where Jeweled Gauntlet wouldn't crit properly.

Leona: Damage reduction decreased to 40/80/120.

Malzahar: Minion HP increased to 250/300/400.

Olaf: Attack speed decreased to 0.80.

Renekton: Spell damage increased to 150/275/475.

Sion: Starting mana increased to 75.

Sivir: Ricochet bounces decreased to 5/7/9.

Veigar: Spell damage increased to 325/650/975.

Vladimir: Spell damage increased to 200/325/500.




Bloodthirster: Healing from auto attacks increased to 50% of damage dealt.

Bramblevest: Damage increased to 100/140/200.

Force of Nature: Drastically reduced chances of appearing on the carousel.

Guinsoo's Rageblade: Bonus attack speed per auto attack increased to 5%.

Hextech Gunblade: Healing from all damage done increased to 33%.

Iceborn Gauntlet: Freeze duration increased to 2.5 seconds.

Locket of the Iron Solari: Shield increased to 250/275/350.

Luden's Echo: Splash damage increased to 125/175/250.


Image via Riot Games.

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