The Most Comical Crossover—Boomerang RPG: Watch out, Dude! X The Sound of Your Heart!

The following was sent as a press release to Inven Global. 

Boomerang RPG: Watch out Dude has swiftly passed the 1 million mark for its downloads and has now joined hands with The Sound of Your Heart, a web comic series with over 7 billion views, which has also been developed into a comedy and animation series on Netflix. The publisher, SuperPlanet, has announced that this will be the “ultimate” collaboration, creating further anticipation in the player community.


Cho Seok and company are here to make you roll on the floor!


The Sound of Your Heart revolves around the stories of the author himself, Cho Seok. The characters in the series are based on his family members, from his wife and daughter to his father-in-law, and they unfold their hysterical stories throughout the comics.


This collaboration event will feature the characters from the comic series, each with their distinct personalities and traits:


  • Cho Seok: The author himself
  • Aebong: Cho Seok’s wife in real life. She wields immense combat power and beats up Cho Seok from time to time.
  • Jjaeddanyo: Cho Seok’s father-in-law and Aebong’s father. His name comes from what Cho Seok’s daughter called him when she was a baby.
  • Buuk Suh: Cho Seok’s friend and a flower-human. When his HP is low, his petals drop.




Save the characters in Cho Seok Town!


In the collaboration event, players must rescue Aebong, Jjaeddanyo, and Buuk Suh, who are held hostage in the dungeon. After clearing the town dungeons, the three companions will be unlocked one by one, joining the party to battle the enemies together. Players can also collect an immense amount of in-game resources by clearing the stages with their companions.


At the end of the dungeon, the author’s wife, Aebong, appears in her evil form, “Dark Aebong,” as the boss of the dungeon. Fun fact: Dark Aebong’s animations are Aebong’s exact reactions in the scenes of the original series where Cho Seok does something wrong and she gets furious.


On top of that, the collaboration is also bringing limited “boomerangs” in the form of a drumstick, golf club, hair dryer, and stylus.



Events to celebrate the collab and for reaching 1 million downloads!


The Boomerang RPG team has prepared an array of special events to show their appreciation to the player community. The collab characters can be obtained for free in the 21-Day Attendance Event.


The Token Event will also be open for a limited time. Players can collect tokens that resemble kimchi, tomato, noodles, and chicken, which can be exchanged for unique magic effects or legendary boomerangs.


The collaboration will last for a month. Don’t miss out on the event, and dive into the new world with the Dude and the characters from The Sound of Your Heart.

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