Wemade's <NIGHT CROWS> Reveals New Content: Party Dungeon "Abandoned Sentil Fortress"

The following was sent to Inven Global via press release.


  • Teamwork essential in new content where five party members can take down dungeon boss "Elmond"
  • New accessory "Bracelet" increases character growth rate with critical hit, accuracy, and more


The global version of <NIGHT CROWS>, the blockbuster MMORPG published by Wemade and developed by MADNGINE, updated new Party Dungeon content "Abandoned Sentil Fortress" on April 16th.


Teamwork is essential in the Party Dungeon, where five users can join forces as a party to take down the dungeon boss "Elmond." Each user can select the right difficulty for their character's growth rate, then choose to create a party or use the automatic party matchmaking system to enter the dungeon. There are five difficulties, with higher difficulties offering better rewards.


In Party Dungeons, users may obtain the newly added accessory, "Bracelet," as well as "Bracelet" crafting materials. When equipped, it may increase stats such as critical hit, accuracy, and damage reduction negation, boosting the character's growth rate to make it even more powerful.


The two new server groups added to the Asia region in response to the trend of user growth have led to a total of 96 servers currently in service for the global version of <NIGHT CROWS>. There are plans for more new content to be steadily added to provide more users with various types of content for growth.


Detailed information on the global version of <NIGHT CROWS> can be found on the official website. 

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