Sights from the Vortex Gaming booth at G-Star, the social media for gamers

The social media for gamers by gamers, Vortex Gaming, participated in G-Star 2023, held from Nov. 16 through 19 at Busan BEXCO. At the Inven booth, you can easily spot Vortex Gaming’s banners and staff members holding up foam boards. You can earn a tour stamp by entering the booth and joining Vortex Gaming.


Besides that, in the “Welcome to Vortex Gaming” event, held at 11:30 AM on the 17th, Vortex Gaming BD, Lee Ji-woo got on stage and introduced the social media service. Let’s have a look at the stamp tour at the Vortex Gaming booth, and the Welcome to Vortex Gaming event.


▲ There’s a Vortex Gaming banner in front of the Inven booth
▲ It only takes 1 minute to join and earn a stamp

▲ If you participate in the ‘field correspondent’ event, you get a chance to get great presents

▲ Vortex Gaming staff members are busily moving around for the visitors who are waiting in other areas of the Inven booth
▲ If you use the QR code to join
▲ you can get a stamp
▲ Adding a stamp while waiting in line
▲ 'Welcome to Vortex Gaming' was held on the 17th, at 11:30 AM
▲ Prior to the event, host Kim Young-il explains about the eco bags with Vortex Gaming characters
▲ The eco bag with four Vortex Gaming characters
▲ BD Lee Ji-woo explains about Vortex Gaming
▲ Two lucky people will get Belkin noise-canceling earbuds by commenting on the feed!
▲ Vortex Gaming aims to connect all gamers as a global game social media
▲ Explanations for the feed, calendar, DM, etc. continues 
▲ If you become an influencer, you can get rewards and donations to create revenue
▲ The All-in-one service, which has everything to enjoy gaming, is introduced at the finale of the event
▲ Now, it’s quiz time for more prizes
▲ The quizzes must have been easy, nearly all visitors have their hands up
▲ Can I play too? The answer is, no.3 gamer
▲ The next quiz continues
▲ Fruit delivery might be possible in the future
▲ You can gain VOR points by completing missions at Vortex Gaming
▲ Welcome to Vortex Gaming event is over with the last quiz

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