Trainwreck joins Kick after Twitch gambling ban: "Twitch pads the pockets of a handful of creators."

Source: Trainwreckstv

Following Twitch's decision to ban some forms of gambling content on the streaming platform, Tyler “Trainwreck” Niknam — one of the biggest streamers on the website for several years — announced his plans to move over to a new streaming site known as In a Twitlonger post detailing the new platform, Trainwreck explains his decision — citing the changes in the platform over the last several years, many of them financial. 



"Twitch takes the highest percentage split of any platform in the livestreaming world," Trainwreck stated in his announcement. "At 50%, every streamer on Twitch will only receive $2.50 of each subscription, and less if they’re not in a first world country. I don’t believe it’s right to take such a high percentage of the work that a streamer does. Twitch does nearly no marketing for streamers, no discovery, and limited help in building their business. Those streamers only succeed from the blood, sweat, and time they put in themselves. Twitch’s only role is as a website host. Given their contribution, it is absurd that they take 50% of our income."


The news comes after many recent changes Twitch has made to the platform: banning some forms of gambling from the site and changing the revenue split for creators. Trainwreck's post goes on to explain many of the new features that will offer. In addition to a 95%-5% for creators, as well as 100% for tips, the platform will offer, "An innovative new exclusive creator program that will pay our partners for their stream's success. This program works like no partner program before. You won't have to rely on your subscriber count alone every month. You'll get a steady income based on hours watched and total viewers you stream to with an option to be paid out on the same day." 



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