Jake Paul allegedly 'broke' after losing $40m fortune in crypto investments

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According to a recent episode of Logan Paul’s podcast, the YouTube star’s brother Jake is currently ‘poor’ after seeing a massive chunk of his wealth wiped out in the recent crypto crash. In the clip, seen below, Logan Paul said of his brother "It doesn't matter, he put it all in crypto. He's poor."



The quote came in response to another guest commenting on the alleged $40M or more Jake Paul has made from his boxing career after another guest speculated that Jake has made more than $40M from boxing so far. The news comes as further allegations are circulating about the sum Paul believes he is owed by Floyd Mayweather after their fight in Miami.


In a situation that has been going on for months, Jake Paul claims Mayweather owes him close to $5M of the reported $15M he was due for participating in the bout in 2021.


In an interview on Andrew Schulz’s Flagrant podcast, Paul said of the situation “...He thinks he can do what he wants because I am new to the boxing game. See you in court. How many lawsuits can pile up for the same event?" 

Jake Paul Blames Biden

Jake Paul has not been quiet about the people he blames for his current predicament, and it seems like Mayweather is sharing his reticule with a rather odd bedfellow, President Joe Biden. It seems that the YouTuber turned boxer believes Biden is responsible for a number of America’s problems, including the current crypto situation.




Other YouTubers have faced same issues as Paul in terms of losing large sums of money after investing in crypto. Last month, Olajide Olayinka Williams Olatunji, better known as KSI to his fans, tweeted about a £2.8M investment he had made that lost almost all its value in a short time span, although in that case he also suggested the losses had helped him reframe his mindset away from money, something Paul doesn’t seem to have managed yet.

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