Twitch streamer accused of domestic abuse, sexism following Apex stream

Source: MrsgLockoma's stream

An Apex Legends streamer on Twitch has been accused of domestic abuse after multiple clips of his behaviour were shared on Reddit’s LiveStreamFail subreddit. The streamer, who is known as gLockoma, was clipped shouting at his wife and accusing her of gaslighting after she failed to cover him in-game, and even trying to control where she looks while streaming.



For clarity, gLockoma is part of a husband and wife stream team with his partner, who streams under the name MrsgLockoma. A number of clips have emerged from their recent streams, including one where he berates her after dying in-game, and one where she offers him a bottle of water only to have her hand slapped away because her husband was annoyed she had looked at chat.



Users on Reddit were quick to call out his behaviour as toxic and potentially abusive, and a third clip uploaded to the site shows why viewers are concerned. At one stage during the tirade of criticism, gLockoma turns to his camera and tells us his wife has been harming herself due to stress, without seeming to connect his barrage of verbal abuse to that fact.


"Women are too emotional"

Not content with harassing and berating his wife, gLockoma then turned his ire onto the topic of men vs. women generally, using his wife as an example of why women are in his eyes “too emotional”, and telling her to “f**k off” with her emotions. There is no suggestion that any of the clips are a result of character or role play either, with gLockoma even stating in an earlier Reddit post that he is “ a a**hole” (sic).



When called out in the older post, gLockoma simply insults the users, calling them a “loser” and telling viewers to watch the entire stream, which viewers say does nothing to exonerate him or excuse his behaviour. Twitch are yet to take action or comment on his behaviour either, but we will update the article should he be banned or otherwise censured.


UPDATE: gLockoma has declined to comment on the allegations

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